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Sandy Hook - Part 6 -- Bankers' Mafiosi Professional Hitmen and Government Participation

Sandy Hook - Part 6 -- Bankers' Mafiosi Professional Hitmen and Government Participation

Resolving Primacy: The Lanzas or the Sandy Hook Kindergartners, who's the primary target

Silencers and Messages

Nancy and Adam, where do they fit in?
In Part 2, the last theory emerged for your inspection from the question of what was the driving motive for the massacre, the children's impact or the Lanza impact. The choice was essentially between:
    whether the criminals were driven to initiate this massacre by the "bounty" -- in either pedophile treasures or in protected supporters for the terror-source's anti-gun agenda, with Nancy and Adam simply convenient places to put the blame --
    whether the murderous criminals were driven by some banking connected benefit in the murders of Adam and Nancy, with the rest of the murders being a cover-up to protect the banking big wheels from public recognition as murderous criminals, whose position in the world was so untouchably iconic.

Certainly there were people of that high-ranking iconic zone in Adam and Nancy's circles, at least in the past, in their family's social life in the pre-separation days, when Peter was steering his role in the BlueChip world of GE Credit as Tax Director. Surely the wildly successful performance in tax 'savings' seen at GE in paying no taxes while making giant-blue-chip world-status profits shows some level of Peter's leverage in power circles. Yet what could this be yielding of motivations.

Well Peter's role in steering GE Credit into the BANKING CORRUPTION -- when the safeguards between consumer accounts and investment accounts was stripped away by a banking insider in the Clinton administration, leading to all sorts of scams in LIBOR and mortgage-based securities -- must have been hazardous, unlike accountants would choose usually. When the originally high-profit scene in banking became notoriously knowable in upper circles, GE Capital acquired several not-so-reputable entities as divisions and seriously sullied GE's image though not visibly to the investment world. And by 2007 GE was divesting themselves of some of the most scandalous operations. In one of those mortgage based scammers' operations, the auditing showed that over 80% of mortgage application files were based on FORGED DOCUMENTS, from W2s to bank account statements with phony data. Hence Nancy for one would have been privy to many things in quiet ways.

And then there were the LIBOR scandals after 2008's massive crash in the economy. LIBOR is the biggest banking scandal in history and involves collusion among banks, possibly the sort of fraudulent games Peter's subordinates were playing.. LIBOR is reputed to have the potential to bring down the world's economies with the emergence of transparency. Those LIBOR investigations finally caught up with Peter's operation. To the extent that THREE OF PETER's SUBORDINATES WERE CHARGED WITH FELONY FRAUD finally early last year in 2012, were CONVICTED as of June of 2012 and SENTENCED to 3-4 YEARS IN PRISON IN OCTOBER 2012 just TWO MONTHS BEFORE SANDY HOOK...

And don't think bankers are simple money handlers, when in reality bankers steer the country into wars and economic crashes for their own profit, and do it knowingly and with unbridled fury when political forces are not fully cooperative. See All Wars are Bankers' Wars. One example is the bankers' attempted coup against the United States, yes, against Roosevelt prior to WWII that was foiled by Maj Gen Butler who brought the scheme to Congress (it's in the congressional record, declassified by now) but Roosevelt had to hide their scandalous defeat, letting them escape, and could not prosecute any of them because they simply held Roosevelt's weakly struggling economy hostage and he knew what would happen if he challenged their grip and lost. Bankers do not take kindly to bad relationships and are not above inflicting serious mayhem even on a head of state, much less just privately steaming in silence over a perceived injury to their power or majesty.

And the mortgage scandal and the LIBOR repercussions for the giant GE were shocking to investors, and the Blue Chip giant was nearly financially aground in investors' eyes, to the extent that not only had GE been begging treasury behind the scenes for classification as a 'Bank' in order to get 'bailed' out (among the crowd of others really in banking) but GE CEO Immelt was scrambling around to find a new direction in developing refurbished company image, eventually this year in 2013 shifting PR focus to more new technology closer to their original image. Immelt paid a bold 38% premium to acquire a foothold with Lufkin in Oil & Natural gas excitement. And yes that's the same Immelt who is cozy with Obama, Holder, etc. [Ignore the banking scandal behind the curtain...]

Now who do you suppose would be apopoleptic if Peter had been careless or greedy in potential company acquisitions or in court confrontations, already or going forward, and/or did he already disgrace whomever by throwing -- cowardly or recklessly -- the convictable three under the bus, to someone's intense discomfort, since Holder was classically informing Congress that there would be no convictions of the banking industry's corrupted economy-crashers because the corrupt banks were **too big to jail** for his department to be able to prosecute for the RICO activities.. RICO is not titled 'racketeering' for no reason, clearly suggesting mafiosi money intense interest... Hmmm.. even though somehow those three got prosecuted successfully.. So, besides the insiders in the current administration, being holdable on the carpet, there was Immelt whose hold on the industry giant GE was in major jeopardy with financial troubles and irate investment powers with major civil lawsuits in mind as well.. And of course there were the network of white collar thugs whose dislodged interests connected to the three being sent up the river.. Peter's 'popularity' was seriously on several radars... agreed?

So now do you find it so difficult to see the footprints of a mafia hit, with professional sophisticated operatives, covered by opportunistic government connections. Hey, GE owns a few hundred TV stations just for good measure, including NBC... so media mouthpieces would be saluting as required when the dust hit the fan.. and Peter Lanza would get the 'message' when he woke up that day and found that his whole former family for more than 10 years, Adam, Nancy and Ryan even were wiped out potentially, in such disgrace and shame. Sorta like finding a dead horse head in your bed, Agreed?

Doesn't 'the mafiosi message' idea seem so clear and obvious a match for what we see

And even going back to considering what we have been seeing in earlier exploring, that balance-scale -- for deciding which theory motivations were the deciding factors that were driving the murderous operation -- was already listing toward the Lanza-driven explanation since there was that bizarre episode surrounding the massacre&responder finale confusion over Ryan/Adam's identity and also shortly later over Adam's life needing to be 'ended' (as heard on the police band radio, though muffled):
    Clearly the identity 'confusion' would serve as a media effect on Peter Lanza of entangling ALL his entire family being stomped all over.

    And the uncertainty over whether Adam was maybe more leverage alive (without his protective carer's management) or not alive, suggested that an effect on control of Peter Lanza might be possibly involved. Right?

Which leads to the important idea that there's a lot of blank images in the media's coverage of how the killers captured Adam and got Nancy when she was unable to use her carefully maintained gun collection. All we know about that scene is that Nancy was asleep in bed after her long afternoon drive back home from her mini-holiday trip and that Adam had just worked on some wonderfully analysed data for a ingenius gaming idea where the players are being (or conceivably capturing) a mass murderer, likely as big a hit as Grand Theft Auto, or many other games where the player can test their own ability to outmaneuver opponents, playing their role as the 'bad guy' in a story line. Players routinely test their own ideas on authenticity of the programmers controlling logic and scoring. Hence the spreadsheet, which is currently being misapplied in the official attempt to convict an innocent in the minds of the public, not a court, allowing the murderous hitmen to escape. The fools are so math phobic that they don't see that programmers use all sorts of measures and scoring in developing all gaming.

So let's look at one of the unasked and unanswered questions about what happened at the Lanza's home on Yogananda St, as we see it in the layout map here:

Notice the neighbors closest are barely 100ft from the Lanza household, where the FOUR NIGHT-TIME SHOTS were FIRED that brutally killed Nancy. All told, there are THREE OTHER HOUSES AROUND 250FT of the Lanza's Why wouldn't the neighbors be expected to have been shocked alert & awake to hear FOUR such LOUD noises IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT unless ALL(!) of the neighbors are dead-to-the-world sleepers. Likely? Not with any probability. Yet none seemed to have summoned police protection. Strange. The hitmen clearly gained entry after Nancy's bedtime, when all neighbors were apparently not awake anymore and before any early risers would be awake and getting awareness of abnormal sounds. Animal control workers would not be blasting after dark and should be much further away. Hunting otherwise in that suburban area, though lightly woodsy, would be prohibited. And there was claimed to be a police officer living in the house 'next' to the Lanza house. How could they not have been awakened, alarmed, and summoning the police, UNLESS THE HITMEN USED VERY EFFECTIVE SILENCERS ON THEIR GUNS. And how would that sound to a quiet sleeping neighborhood, barely a 100some to 250some feet away..?

According to those FOUR suppressed gunshots were still not that silent BUT the character of the sound does change, though nothing like some phony hollywood whoosh. A usual silencer on a commercially available fire arm reduces the volume of the noise to somewhere in the 120-140 dB range depending on whether the firearm is subsonic or supersonic, Which volume is easily in the range of a sharp squawk of a police siren, so why did no one call the cops..? Even just for their own protection, simple sensible caution.

If these killers were highly skilled pros AND had access to some military advanced experimental weaponry, that might make this noise distinctly a bit less, because SILENCERS ARE BASICALLY MILITARY USE ORIENTED. One more reason to add to the list of why the killers were not ever Adam nor even likely ordinary citizens with no governmental clearances.

The military strongly favors silencers for reasons that mostly don't apply in a household murder. Shooting a sleeping woman does not raise concerns about the gun's kick, nor would the flash need to be 'considerably' shielded to reduce an enemy's detection of the shooter's position. Etc. Except for the idea that nighttime intended killing would be more likely successfully undetectable with an effective silencer.

But there's another feature of this military tool, namely the quality of the sound is changed from a 'crack' for the sorts of guns (claimed to have been used in these murders) to a very sharp 'snap',
which ties to the strange descriptions of the 'quality' of the gunshot sounds at the school
... many of youtube's curious people were trying to judge the testimony of some onsite teachers, assistants and children and were questioning their veracity when it came to the sound descriptions.

Clearly this idea TOTALLY DISQUALIFIES NANCY'S GUNS AS THE MURDER WEAPONS BEING USED BY ADAM OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER...... Hit men bring their own weapons.. See for yourself, how different these guns look with their silencers on.. no silencers were on the guns 'found' at the scene of the school massacre

and judge for yourself the quality of the sound of an automatic rifle with its silencer on, courtesy of silencerguru50 as well as other caliber handguns, with and without.

Hence we again come to the point of recognizing that the murderous perpetrators were accomplished hitmen with likely justice/military backgrounds, maybe even with access to experimental quality silencers courtesy of government 'facilitating largess'...

And fully accounts for the timing of the massacre since the need for the coverup with actors and other insider control would put the start of the murderous planning back in July at least in order to get the Crisis Actors implanted in time (for children's enrollment at Sandy Hook unsuspiciously as kindergartners, as you will see) and the legendary message-severity has time to be measured to match the disastrous consequences to those involved in the Bluechip GE financial wrecking and CEO image run afoul of investment credibility, and even timed to make the meaning of the 'message' clear to Peter Lanza after the public sentencing.. Agreed?

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