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Sandy Hook Part 4 -- Official bogosity and mainstream media suspicious treachery


Staffers being trusted in spite of evidence, gullibilty of police under FEMA

Before going on to all those questions and comparisons of reality to theories, we need to wonder about a couple of things.

First, the ability of such school staff persons, as we have seen as having a role, being able to expect that they will be given credence by police, public and the media? No one seems to question their reliability.

Do the staff get a free pass for some reason, just because they are 'school'-holy. They may have been victims OR maybe not. There's no evidence, audio or video, to grant them victim status purely. There were such scandalously suspect things being said by staffers. Like the one who apparently reported that the gunman had shouted to be let in.. Imagine that, he's planning to blow away a lot of victims, has armaments galore, and has his finger on the trigger and is aware that the door doesn't open. Pretty please????

And then there seems to have been some dissonance that should have been striking, things that would have alerted the police to be suspicious of the reliability of the staffer. The police were told, via 9-1-1 staff that the school staffer reporting the call for assistance said that there were hundreds of gunshots as she was trying to get through by phone, and though there were many magazines (partly empty) laying about, supposedly, imagine what hundreds of bullets would do to the couple of rooms. No one EVER mentioned any smoke/haze, no smell of sulphur of gunpowder burnt, when they were led out of the building and so we'd wonder just how smoky-hazy the rooms were where 'hundreds; of high power gunfire had gone on JUST A COUPLE OF MINUTES BEFORE. Dissonance between staffer statements and observed air should have suggested that the reporting staffer was not reliable.

It was just amazing how instantaneous was the conclusion that the whole event was a murder/suicide, not that all of the victims were murdered, which is a total possibility, when there are extraneous people racing away, either in that reported van, or through the woods.

And then, contrary to any normal expectation from security persons, 'somehow' no school security staffer steps up to assist by offering confirming use of the security system to the point that one wonders what sort of management was in place in the supposedly caring school personnel.

Yet the police favor the idea that they know what the answer is. Not suspect, not ever did we hear 'alleged'.

It's called prejudicial misconduct. STRICTLY stupid prejudice and unamerican profiling by those the community depends on for protection, whereas instead those police-sleuths ought to fall on their swords for their complete injustice and phony authoritarian bogosity as sleuths. Totally an embarrassment to Columbo. As well as to lady Justice.

What were these policemen, the supposed guardians of truth and justice doing? Putting on make-up for the cameras? Or just executing what Homeland Security told them was going to happen in some prejudicial exercises? Yes class, mass murders are always the handiwork of crazed lone gunmen, driven by government hate and freudian twisted mothers. Put that in your notebook for later use.... Uh-huh.. sounds like FEMA training classes resulting in amazingly incompetent FEMA 'rescues', like hurricane Sandy, etc. And then there's FEMA's partners, TSA, nuff said about government improving local police', clearly despised-as-weak performing public servants therefore needing big FEMA high-quality instruction.

You'd think that police would get annoyed and even suspicious of the DHS/FEMA people and their advising. Like the continuing-ed courses that FEMA holds just co-incidentally at the so conveniently located nearby sites to curiously coincidental disasters and just so presciently even advertised well in advance, and even with relatable tragedies: Parker Medical College just outside Aurora, for mass murder handling, and at Bridgeport near Sandy Hook on dealing with disasters involving children. Best we watch FEMA's upcoming class schedules. The police were made fools of by their FEMA/DHS over-handlers

Myth Spinning Authorities

And then there were the myth-spinning authorities, like the school superintendent in her official statements to the viewers of the TV-drug. Such officials, including the governor, who were never anywhere involved, were presenting 'details' in their statements on the prime-time events that they, nor anyone, could possibly have real knowledge of, describing words and actions no one around would have supplied by that time, unless they were also fabricating their own big moment in the sun. But of course their myths sounded so praiseworthy of supposed victims they could memorialize and, as a consequence, add credibility to the government school system... and not get sued for some negligence, but gasp, who could think such thoughts in the light of the halos being painted by the authorities and their media-mouthpieces... Yep, would you believe that anyone could hear Soto talking calmly, not provocatively raising her voice to get attention elsewhere, to the gunman who came into her room, after blasting how many obstacles out of his path and seeking to complete his agenda..

The nurse's tale, the TV reporter's theater falsity, and the anchor's treachery

Among the staff, supposedly with statements needing confirmation on that confused day was the nurse's (Sally Cox), or to be more precise, the report by the TV woman broadcasting that the nurse had described how the shooter had come into the nurse's office, looked her right in the eye and then went back to his searching, leaving her in shock, thinking she would have been dead like the others. gasp!

Well that bit of "theater" was totally FABRICATED by that woman TV reporter, probably desperate for something to grab a place in the sun, 'on the station's schedule'. It was later found out by others following up on that surprising description, and the nurse was then correcting that theater trickster, with an account that said that she (the nurse) had been hiding beneath her desk, unable to see nearly anything but the lower pants-leg of supposedly the shooter. Some story. But it advertises the questionable ethics of TV reporters in such crisis coverage.

An even more unsettling discovery -- especially in a crisis accounting in which government treachery or incompetence is key to the truth -- is that the CNN anchor (Anderson Cooper) was known to have worked for the CIA, of all places.

In the media, we do insist that newspeople are to be the 'fourth estate' and shall not have entanglements with government in their own background and connections. The media should be a watchdog, not a lapdog for government. With criminality like Fast and Furious being the 'quality' of the government requiring investigative newspeople to be digging for truth, the last thing you want to have to untangle is treachery by the digger in covering up vital information.

To see just how truth-compromised CNN's Anderson Cooper's approach to truth is, you only need to see how opposed Cooper is to the public doing their own due diligence and spreading it around so the world can see it with our own growing abilities online. His commitment to uncovering the full details of a story as crucial as Sandy Hook and having those digging results and theories reach the maximum audience is nil. Ignoring that we were finding suspicious contradictions and misinformation in the media, including his, online seekers finally exceeded his cultivated appearance of indifference. His programming response was to try to ridicule the work of online volunteers seeking in depth detail and tracking loose ends that the media were not, and Cooper then stooped to labeling the online people -- not passive like TV-hypno-druggies -- as tin-hats, when truth be told, it was the online seeker-public that had dug out the reality that Adam's physiology was not capable of executing the theory of the police tale, as well as uncovering the police' apparent mess up on the guns used. Etc. It's quite horrifying to think that there are completely-complicit-in-murder-level-evil people lurking in the nooks and crannies of the mainstream media that we recognize as being there when we see that AP bulletin announcing the shooting at the Newtown school slip out at 7:25AM December 14th, but to find it in the anchors, is beyond overlooking. Why? Because an occasional operative can manage to gain inside status in the fourth estate, but the existence of influential anchors who would attack people for finding better information to solve a heinous crime than he did AND be so well ensconced in the hierarchy, means that the hierarchy is corrupted, not just an isolated slipup in hiring. The culture of the organization is revealed in such behaviour as we saw in Anderson Cooper. Slitherin cheating.

The seeking-public (some accepting the name they are given, sometimes with derision, that they are 'truthers') is way ahead of all of them -- police and media -- and it's far from appreciated by the government and their mouthpiece-media. We shall consequently be seeing more calls for censorship of one kind or another. Not merely the police's judge-authroized clamp down for ninety days. Be prepared to fight off another CISPA-style government attempt to install a trigger to shut down websites they don't want seen.

On top of that likely return of CISPA type anti-internet attempts, there's already building up the absurd attack on private online gaming entertainment, reaching right into our private pursuits and interests in reality and trashing people's satisfying role-playing, making thoroughly unfounded insinuations that role-playing bad-guys is inherently evil, harmful to kids and bordering on converting players uncontrollably into mass murderers and hitmen... as if we should be so silly as to chase with tar-and-feathers those actors who dare to play the roles of villains as being such likely causes of murder in our streets. Like the old lady with her umbrella chasing 'JR Ewing', mashing him over the head with her bumbershoot.

So annoying and alarming is government and their media because they come with such lies, trumpeting unsound-to-nonexistent research, with their guns and lawyers and demand videos be removed from webpages.

But it's even more unsettling to see the sheeple roused to a self-appointed lynchmob-frenzy, roaming the 'net, and the street seeking illegal penalties (like publishing the private addresses of gun owners and more) and snitching and censoring of social media pages and youtube..

The perpetrated theater falsity masquerading as truth-seeking news by the career-climbing TV reporter would have been more difficult to expose without the security camera data quickly downloaded, possibly, so instead we had to rely on one of the online-seekers. They are the open-handed reliable ones. Almost impossible to imagine was the universality of falsehood in anchors lying about what they had found. Un-be-freakin-lievable.

And the list of perfidy and incompetence in media goes on when you add in the omissions. Like where's the interviewers of the janitor(s).
His testimony would be extremely 'interesting' and crucial. Precisely in that most shocking theory of the pedophile ring operation in which the switching of the bodies of the children could have been viewable on those camera recordings, but is denied to us if we depend on the mouthpiece-media, who should have unearthed the testimony of the most fabricated 'hero' of the day, the janitor, but, in fact, the media doesn't even know which one, no one seems to care, no media wants his interview? No questioning by media, nor even the police? Yet they claim he saved half the school at least???. Guffaw... Janitors don't matter??? Even if they constituted middle-of-the-action knowledge and truth... Not to these MSM people, not once they've used his story to boost their ratings and polished the agenda of their government handlers and story sources. A person from ordinary-land might have been unseemly as a hero on their polished stages and screens... Or if their perfidy goes so deep to be knowingly complicit in pandering to govt-engineered 'news', then someone may have told them not to 'bother' the janitor, effectively censoring all our newsworthy sources... Fourth estate, investigative, what a joke...

As for the trustworthiness of the school servicing professions, we will relate the information that many smalltime political operatives do make a fill-in income by signing up to be 'substitute teachers' as we have seen, though not the dangerous kind in our experience, thank you lady luck. However, the clearly simple way that such substitution contracts do allow the contractor to just make a quick decision on any given day's teaching opportunity based on whatever other operative, political business they may have for that day, without any loss of their access to future school-earnings-opportunities for fill-in income, does clearly favor operatives. Those flex-choice parttime, temporary operatives can also be danger prone contractors. The danger prone contractors could be hitmen, though many of those hitmen prefer HOLLYWOOD and TV backstage where those jobs are always being rescheduled, temporary for any given production's time and scene-changes. So hollywood also has some CIA dark-operatives based on their self-testimony, engaging in criminal work when their CIA or mob opportunities do present themselves. CIA opportunities apparently are more lucrative and more regular than maybe other hitmen, but the actors' and personalities' company and fill-in alibis are indispensible...

Which brings us to the FEMA crisis actors, to be considering next time, as you will see. TTYL

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