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Sandy Hook Part 5 - The 'Academy Pans' for Crisis Acting


With all the disinformation-spreaders, the FEMA-field medic/coroner's assistants with their unbloody triage area (even lacking a DOA area), the FEMA/DHS graduate Lt-mouth-piece-Vance to 'help' the police, I suppose you'd wonder just what the pricetag was on this taxpayer extravaganza.

But we're not done yet with the entertainment. No. Nor with its price tag. The government, courtesy of the FEMA/DHS spendthrifts spare no expense to bring such reality shows into your living room, in time for the holidays, just to ensure you are not bored. Same-ol, same-ol holidays are so boring. Government feels so left out.

Well, to ensure that the families of the victims are not overburdened with media attention, FEMA has decided to generously send in their own rescuing CRISIS-ACTORS. That's right a whole troupe showed up and the media swallowed their fabricated reality from morning to night. And never revealed to the public that the whole affair of grieving parents and neighbors stepping in to care for stray children were not real, any more than those folks in the daytime soaps.

Look it up, there's a whole specialty in theatrical trades, where you can serve your community's needs for practicing emergency disasters of epic proportions, brought to you by your friendly federal government in their misguided ideas that they should upgrade your local first responders' skills. Sometimes, on a smaller scale, role-playing actors are brought in by corporate human resource departments that are avant garde practitioners of role-playing to learn things like, um, um, sensitivity to racial/gender 'situations' in managing your departmental responsibilities, finding out who makes a better leader in a crunch, etc. See

So how do we know these troupes were fronts for some outside-of-Sandy-Hook interests, well let's start with that not believable neighbor, Gene Rosen, a member of the local actor's guild, whose accounts of the arrival of a cluster of escaping children came up his driveway (instead of going right to the fire house across the street which is where the students were practiced to go for drills) changed content of his story with repetition. And ol soft-hearted, confused Gene gave away his connection when he was sobbing about the poor mother whose child he had not sheltered in his home but he found that child's name on the list of dead children. Just thinking of that poor woman, but dear Gene, that list wasn't yet released from the FEMA controlers til a day later... so how did Gene get that list...? Or how did he even know there would be issued such a list to the public as a handout?

Even worse, was Gene's sobbing story of the little panicked boy wailing that his teacher, Ms Soto, was dead and he and his friends couldn't go back to school. Well, that's amazing since that boy couldn't have been in Ms Soto's class since all her male students were 'deceased' as listed.

And then there's the sensitive father-faker, Robbie Parker, rubbing elbows with Obama and pontificating about his high-minded view of forgiveness. Well that may be his ideas, but he blew it when he came out to the staging area where he was to give a press statement to the media. Well when he came out, that bereaved father was laughing and joking, and then he asked when the cameras would be ready to roll, but unknown to him they were already rolling for some. And as they told him that they were ready when he was, he did his acting coaches proud of how quickly he went through his huffing and panting to get his facial muscles to sag into bereavement shape, then he put on a credible near-sobbing show of his anguish and loss.

We also heard that some astute observers on facebook, noted that the timestamp on the facebook page he created for his dearest darling precious daughter showed that it was created while he was supposedly waiting to see whose children were victimised, complete with donation options. As we all know, actors need their tin cups, in order to survive between gigs, til they make it big... And there were other observant watchers who believe that in the photo op with the siblings and Obama, that some incompetent stage controller, allowed that victimized daughter to go on the stage with her siblings. Of course the media claimed it was just the next in line sibling wearing that little victim's favorite fancy dress, kinda strange for a very well to do Newtown family, to share clothing. Similar outfits maybe, identical, not so likely. But then again, it was her father's biggest contribution to our understanding that we care about.

Similarly, there's a CNN interview with another "grieving" couple whose child was a victim, though you certainly saw absolutely NO SIGN of LOSS in that phony mother's facial lines, eyes, big smile, and lively conversation. And so it went.

There were even re-tread bit players, as you can see:

Ain't it amazing how she must get around, severe case of jet-lag likely, flying from one psyop massacre to another.

On the other hand if you believe that such a coincidence is real world likely... well, let's calculate.. Hair part is switched fromleft to right, but otherwise the similarities are incredible... Greenberg-Sexton, Esq ? And Phelps as SandyHook parent.... odds on identical appearance, compounded by odds on involvement in two mass murder events within half a year, but separated by a thousand miles at least... COMPOUNDED BY THE UNLIKELIHOOD OF NEARLY EVERY ICONIC-SPEAKER IN THE SANDY HOOK THEATER SHOW, JUST HAPPENING TO LOOK LIKE SOMEONE ELSE, and 'that someone else' just happening to be a member of the CRISIS ACTOR GROUP OR ANOTHER APPARENT MASSACRE-INVOLVED PLAYER... the odds must be phenominally comical to be believably 'normal' reality.. wake up...

And it seems there was another SH/Batman cross-contaminated person showing up... one of the 'victims' apparently not killed at Aurora, now has been found in nearby CT as his 'original home', and he's coincidentally taking a position with NY Mayor Bloomberg to convince people of 'gun hazards'.
Just makes you REALIZE how loyal to their tyranny-loving employer these government workers must be, AND HOW DISLOYAL TO "WE THE PEOPLE" SO MANY AMAZINGLY TREACHEROUS GOVERNMENT WORKERS ARE...

Clearly, something seriously doesn't smell right with these examples of 'bereaved' parents. Either they are all theater-functionaries, making a living as crisis actors, or those children were known (by those parents) to be in safekeeping under the Witness Protection Theory scheme. Take your pick. We might have hoped for the latter -- in order to consider the government as simply hoaxing, not really massacring we-the-people --- but it doesn't look like massacring us isn't the reality... massacring is the reality, it seems..

We would point out that in either Theory of "why the children", this Crisis Actor ploy was expectable to some degree. Not just the Witness Protection Theory.

In the Pedophile theory, specifically in the alternative version (namely with government collusion), the crisis acting serves as control of the cover up only, no deeper into the full twenty sets of parents. The real parents would be kept secluded to keep them quiet, cheating them of their demands for justice, and to maintain the government's direction of usefulness to pay themselves back for their collaboration risks and expenses, via the governmental perennial-tyranny-proclivity, namely their anti-gun agenda, making the killers useful to government, adding value to government effort, as is expectable for an administration that has said it doesn't waste a crisis, or so it's said.

Without the government involvement, in the Pedophile theory, the mob's own mob connections alone would not likely be able to swing -- so uniformly -- as many mind-drugging mainstream media productions all over the map, TV and most print nationally and even England, as we saw, since they all swallowed and promoted the standard story. So that leaves the government involvement version (of the Pedophile Theory) squarely in the middle of the guilt-pointers, now for both theories, Pedophile or Witness Protection. Thoroughly coloring all the seen involvement of DC politicians and NYers as having known in advance and were ok with it, right down to murdering children, carers and everyone else potentially at risk of accidental involvement, plus especially the murders of Adam and Nancy..

The anti-gun 'opportunity' in the use of the crisis actors as parents explains those incompetent grievers, but what about Gene, whose acting wasn't very good. Lack of incentive in the Witness Protection scheme he was likely only getting paid as an actor, not as much as a victimized household would be whose whole life would be uprooted. He immediately went back into norm and disappeared for many a day when people who actually listened to more versions of his story and checked his identity online decided that they wanted to know what the government was paying for such a lousy acting job, and dear Gene used that taxpayer complaining about his venerable hero-acting career to get big mainstream media to let him moan on the big mainstream screen about how awful those conspiracy theorist were treating him who was such a hero, showing just how disturbed the media and the governing party is over the online fascination with the underbelly of their murderous govt beast, preferring the 'truthers' reports to the mainstreamers. Guaranteed that grant of mainstream screen time to ol Gene was more heaping coals on govt fires for more censorship of those reprobate conspiracy terrorists, who are terrorizing government at least.

Those censorship-threatening fires and libelous insinuations Inspiring new, even worse, laws like PIPA, CISPA and CFAA to control the 'tarnished' online miscreants who could be 'punishingly' litigated against.
Like they did to Aaron.

And anyway, they wouldn't want to ever try to control more than the iconic to-be-featured-skeakers, and a neighbor or two, not a whole raft of 'miscellaneous' neighboring people, agreed? Because 'neighbors' would have to have 'addresses' and there's only so much real estate turnover, to be put into service, rented possibly, as background checking cover. Patently it's not the money they would be needing for such control, just a lot of spare houses in the perimeter area, the supply of which is frozenly limited. But the names of the victims (the children anyway) were tracked to addresses for their bus routes. Victim names do relate to addresses in existence. The implications are staggering and we'll explore what these discoveries imply about pre-planning and theory survival.

In fact, on the issue of real estate limits, if we consider the comment/observation of one youtuber, that every home of an interviewed parent, teacher, etc where the interview was done supposedly in their home, suggested that everyone in Sandy Hook was stupidly buying the same looking, ultra cleaned up, $50,000 looking kitchen, like rental real estate, in Price-is-Right tradition.. Never thought much of that sort of show, but it may be interestingly useful for such truther strange noticing.. agreed? One explanation might be that interviews were in the on-location media's site. Customarily, we'd like to go back and take notice of any variation in kitchens for each 'home' interview, but we have another commitment. Patiently, we would wonder if those who pay attention to kitchen furnishing would remember and relay their findings, below.

Meanwhile I will be posting Episode 6 shortly, as soon as I gather up the data on the Theory of Adam and Nancy to fully compete with the Pedophile Theory (with Govt Cover-up) and the Witness Protection Theory. Notice how all remaining explanations do criminalize the government for a role in the murders, as you will see. TTYL

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