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Sandy Hook - Part 6 -- Bankers' Mafiosi Professional Hitmen and Government Participation

Sandy Hook - Part 6 -- Bankers' Mafiosi Professional Hitmen and Government Participation

Resolving Primacy: The Lanzas or the Sandy Hook Kindergartners, who's the primary target

Silencers and Messages

Nancy and Adam, where do they fit in?
In Part 2, the last theory emerged for your inspection from the question of what was the driving motive for the massacre, the children's impact or the Lanza impact. The choice was essentially between:
    whether the criminals were driven to initiate this massacre by the "bounty" -- in either pedophile treasures or in protected supporters for the terror-source's anti-gun agenda, with Nancy and Adam simply convenient places to put the blame --
    whether the murderous criminals were driven by some banking connected benefit in the murders of Adam and Nancy, with the rest of the murders being a cover-up to protect the banking big wheels from public recognition as murderous criminals, whose position in the world was so untouchably iconic.

Certainly there were people of that high-ranking iconic zone in Adam and Nancy's circles, at least in the past, in their family's social life in the pre-separation days, when Peter was steering his role in the BlueChip world of GE Credit as Tax Director. Surely the wildly successful performance in tax 'savings' seen at GE in paying no taxes while making giant-blue-chip world-status profits shows some level of Peter's leverage in power circles. Yet what could this be yielding of motivations.

Well Peter's role in steering GE Credit into the BANKING CORRUPTION -- when the safeguards between consumer accounts and investment accounts was stripped away by a banking insider in the Clinton administration, leading to all sorts of scams in LIBOR and mortgage-based securities -- must have been hazardous, unlike accountants would choose usually. When the originally high-profit scene in banking became notoriously knowable in upper circles, GE Capital acquired several not-so-reputable entities as divisions and seriously sullied GE's image though not visibly to the investment world. And by 2007 GE was divesting themselves of some of the most scandalous operations. In one of those mortgage based scammers' operations, the auditing showed that over 80% of mortgage application files were based on FORGED DOCUMENTS, from W2s to bank account statements with phony data. Hence Nancy for one would have been privy to many things in quiet ways.

And then there were the LIBOR scandals after 2008's massive crash in the economy. LIBOR is the biggest banking scandal in history and involves collusion among banks, possibly the sort of fraudulent games Peter's subordinates were playing.. LIBOR is reputed to have the potential to bring down the world's economies with the emergence of transparency. Those LIBOR investigations finally caught up with Peter's operation. To the extent that THREE OF PETER's SUBORDINATES WERE CHARGED WITH FELONY FRAUD finally early last year in 2012, were CONVICTED as of June of 2012 and SENTENCED to 3-4 YEARS IN PRISON IN OCTOBER 2012 just TWO MONTHS BEFORE SANDY HOOK...

And don't think bankers are simple money handlers, when in reality bankers steer the country into wars and economic crashes for their own profit, and do it knowingly and with unbridled fury when political forces are not fully cooperative. See All Wars are Bankers' Wars. One example is the bankers' attempted coup against the United States, yes, against Roosevelt prior to WWII that was foiled by Maj Gen Butler who brought the scheme to Congress (it's in the congressional record, declassified by now) but Roosevelt had to hide their scandalous defeat, letting them escape, and could not prosecute any of them because they simply held Roosevelt's weakly struggling economy hostage and he knew what would happen if he challenged their grip and lost. Bankers do not take kindly to bad relationships and are not above inflicting serious mayhem even on a head of state, much less just privately steaming in silence over a perceived injury to their power or majesty.

And the mortgage scandal and the LIBOR repercussions for the giant GE were shocking to investors, and the Blue Chip giant was nearly financially aground in investors' eyes, to the extent that not only had GE been begging treasury behind the scenes for classification as a 'Bank' in order to get 'bailed' out (among the crowd of others really in banking) but GE CEO Immelt was scrambling around to find a new direction in developing refurbished company image, eventually this year in 2013 shifting PR focus to more new technology closer to their original image. Immelt paid a bold 38% premium to acquire a foothold with Lufkin in Oil & Natural gas excitement. And yes that's the same Immelt who is cozy with Obama, Holder, etc. [Ignore the banking scandal behind the curtain...]

Now who do you suppose would be apopoleptic if Peter had been careless or greedy in potential company acquisitions or in court confrontations, already or going forward, and/or did he already disgrace whomever by throwing -- cowardly or recklessly -- the convictable three under the bus, to someone's intense discomfort, since Holder was classically informing Congress that there would be no convictions of the banking industry's corrupted economy-crashers because the corrupt banks were **too big to jail** for his department to be able to prosecute for the RICO activities.. RICO is not titled 'racketeering' for no reason, clearly suggesting mafiosi money intense interest... Hmmm.. even though somehow those three got prosecuted successfully.. So, besides the insiders in the current administration, being holdable on the carpet, there was Immelt whose hold on the industry giant GE was in major jeopardy with financial troubles and irate investment powers with major civil lawsuits in mind as well.. And of course there were the network of white collar thugs whose dislodged interests connected to the three being sent up the river.. Peter's 'popularity' was seriously on several radars... agreed?

So now do you find it so difficult to see the footprints of a mafia hit, with professional sophisticated operatives, covered by opportunistic government connections. Hey, GE owns a few hundred TV stations just for good measure, including NBC... so media mouthpieces would be saluting as required when the dust hit the fan.. and Peter Lanza would get the 'message' when he woke up that day and found that his whole former family for more than 10 years, Adam, Nancy and Ryan even were wiped out potentially, in such disgrace and shame. Sorta like finding a dead horse head in your bed, Agreed?

Doesn't 'the mafiosi message' idea seem so clear and obvious a match for what we see

And even going back to considering what we have been seeing in earlier exploring, that balance-scale -- for deciding which theory motivations were the deciding factors that were driving the murderous operation -- was already listing toward the Lanza-driven explanation since there was that bizarre episode surrounding the massacre&responder finale confusion over Ryan/Adam's identity and also shortly later over Adam's life needing to be 'ended' (as heard on the police band radio, though muffled):
    Clearly the identity 'confusion' would serve as a media effect on Peter Lanza of entangling ALL his entire family being stomped all over.

    And the uncertainty over whether Adam was maybe more leverage alive (without his protective carer's management) or not alive, suggested that an effect on control of Peter Lanza might be possibly involved. Right?

Which leads to the important idea that there's a lot of blank images in the media's coverage of how the killers captured Adam and got Nancy when she was unable to use her carefully maintained gun collection. All we know about that scene is that Nancy was asleep in bed after her long afternoon drive back home from her mini-holiday trip and that Adam had just worked on some wonderfully analysed data for a ingenius gaming idea where the players are being (or conceivably capturing) a mass murderer, likely as big a hit as Grand Theft Auto, or many other games where the player can test their own ability to outmaneuver opponents, playing their role as the 'bad guy' in a story line. Players routinely test their own ideas on authenticity of the programmers controlling logic and scoring. Hence the spreadsheet, which is currently being misapplied in the official attempt to convict an innocent in the minds of the public, not a court, allowing the murderous hitmen to escape. The fools are so math phobic that they don't see that programmers use all sorts of measures and scoring in developing all gaming.

So let's look at one of the unasked and unanswered questions about what happened at the Lanza's home on Yogananda St, as we see it in the layout map here:

Notice the neighbors closest are barely 100ft from the Lanza household, where the FOUR NIGHT-TIME SHOTS were FIRED that brutally killed Nancy. All told, there are THREE OTHER HOUSES AROUND 250FT of the Lanza's Why wouldn't the neighbors be expected to have been shocked alert & awake to hear FOUR such LOUD noises IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT unless ALL(!) of the neighbors are dead-to-the-world sleepers. Likely? Not with any probability. Yet none seemed to have summoned police protection. Strange. The hitmen clearly gained entry after Nancy's bedtime, when all neighbors were apparently not awake anymore and before any early risers would be awake and getting awareness of abnormal sounds. Animal control workers would not be blasting after dark and should be much further away. Hunting otherwise in that suburban area, though lightly woodsy, would be prohibited. And there was claimed to be a police officer living in the house 'next' to the Lanza house. How could they not have been awakened, alarmed, and summoning the police, UNLESS THE HITMEN USED VERY EFFECTIVE SILENCERS ON THEIR GUNS. And how would that sound to a quiet sleeping neighborhood, barely a 100some to 250some feet away..?

According to those FOUR suppressed gunshots were still not that silent BUT the character of the sound does change, though nothing like some phony hollywood whoosh. A usual silencer on a commercially available fire arm reduces the volume of the noise to somewhere in the 120-140 dB range depending on whether the firearm is subsonic or supersonic, Which volume is easily in the range of a sharp squawk of a police siren, so why did no one call the cops..? Even just for their own protection, simple sensible caution.

If these killers were highly skilled pros AND had access to some military advanced experimental weaponry, that might make this noise distinctly a bit less, because SILENCERS ARE BASICALLY MILITARY USE ORIENTED. One more reason to add to the list of why the killers were not ever Adam nor even likely ordinary citizens with no governmental clearances.

The military strongly favors silencers for reasons that mostly don't apply in a household murder. Shooting a sleeping woman does not raise concerns about the gun's kick, nor would the flash need to be 'considerably' shielded to reduce an enemy's detection of the shooter's position. Etc. Except for the idea that nighttime intended killing would be more likely successfully undetectable with an effective silencer.

But there's another feature of this military tool, namely the quality of the sound is changed from a 'crack' for the sorts of guns (claimed to have been used in these murders) to a very sharp 'snap',
which ties to the strange descriptions of the 'quality' of the gunshot sounds at the school
... many of youtube's curious people were trying to judge the testimony of some onsite teachers, assistants and children and were questioning their veracity when it came to the sound descriptions.

Clearly this idea TOTALLY DISQUALIFIES NANCY'S GUNS AS THE MURDER WEAPONS BEING USED BY ADAM OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER...... Hit men bring their own weapons.. See for yourself, how different these guns look with their silencers on.. no silencers were on the guns 'found' at the scene of the school massacre

and judge for yourself the quality of the sound of an automatic rifle with its silencer on, courtesy of silencerguru50 as well as other caliber handguns, with and without.

Hence we again come to the point of recognizing that the murderous perpetrators were accomplished hitmen with likely justice/military backgrounds, maybe even with access to experimental quality silencers courtesy of government 'facilitating largess'...

And fully accounts for the timing of the massacre since the need for the coverup with actors and other insider control would put the start of the murderous planning back in July at least in order to get the Crisis Actors implanted in time (for children's enrollment at Sandy Hook unsuspiciously as kindergartners, as you will see) and the legendary message-severity has time to be measured to match the disastrous consequences to those involved in the Bluechip GE financial wrecking and CEO image run afoul of investment credibility, and even timed to make the meaning of the 'message' clear to Peter Lanza after the public sentencing.. Agreed?

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Sandy Hook Part 5 - The 'Academy Pans' for Crisis Acting


With all the disinformation-spreaders, the FEMA-field medic/coroner's assistants with their unbloody triage area (even lacking a DOA area), the FEMA/DHS graduate Lt-mouth-piece-Vance to 'help' the police, I suppose you'd wonder just what the pricetag was on this taxpayer extravaganza.

But we're not done yet with the entertainment. No. Nor with its price tag. The government, courtesy of the FEMA/DHS spendthrifts spare no expense to bring such reality shows into your living room, in time for the holidays, just to ensure you are not bored. Same-ol, same-ol holidays are so boring. Government feels so left out.

Well, to ensure that the families of the victims are not overburdened with media attention, FEMA has decided to generously send in their own rescuing CRISIS-ACTORS. That's right a whole troupe showed up and the media swallowed their fabricated reality from morning to night. And never revealed to the public that the whole affair of grieving parents and neighbors stepping in to care for stray children were not real, any more than those folks in the daytime soaps.

Look it up, there's a whole specialty in theatrical trades, where you can serve your community's needs for practicing emergency disasters of epic proportions, brought to you by your friendly federal government in their misguided ideas that they should upgrade your local first responders' skills. Sometimes, on a smaller scale, role-playing actors are brought in by corporate human resource departments that are avant garde practitioners of role-playing to learn things like, um, um, sensitivity to racial/gender 'situations' in managing your departmental responsibilities, finding out who makes a better leader in a crunch, etc. See

So how do we know these troupes were fronts for some outside-of-Sandy-Hook interests, well let's start with that not believable neighbor, Gene Rosen, a member of the local actor's guild, whose accounts of the arrival of a cluster of escaping children came up his driveway (instead of going right to the fire house across the street which is where the students were practiced to go for drills) changed content of his story with repetition. And ol soft-hearted, confused Gene gave away his connection when he was sobbing about the poor mother whose child he had not sheltered in his home but he found that child's name on the list of dead children. Just thinking of that poor woman, but dear Gene, that list wasn't yet released from the FEMA controlers til a day later... so how did Gene get that list...? Or how did he even know there would be issued such a list to the public as a handout?

Even worse, was Gene's sobbing story of the little panicked boy wailing that his teacher, Ms Soto, was dead and he and his friends couldn't go back to school. Well, that's amazing since that boy couldn't have been in Ms Soto's class since all her male students were 'deceased' as listed.

And then there's the sensitive father-faker, Robbie Parker, rubbing elbows with Obama and pontificating about his high-minded view of forgiveness. Well that may be his ideas, but he blew it when he came out to the staging area where he was to give a press statement to the media. Well when he came out, that bereaved father was laughing and joking, and then he asked when the cameras would be ready to roll, but unknown to him they were already rolling for some. And as they told him that they were ready when he was, he did his acting coaches proud of how quickly he went through his huffing and panting to get his facial muscles to sag into bereavement shape, then he put on a credible near-sobbing show of his anguish and loss.

We also heard that some astute observers on facebook, noted that the timestamp on the facebook page he created for his dearest darling precious daughter showed that it was created while he was supposedly waiting to see whose children were victimised, complete with donation options. As we all know, actors need their tin cups, in order to survive between gigs, til they make it big... And there were other observant watchers who believe that in the photo op with the siblings and Obama, that some incompetent stage controller, allowed that victimized daughter to go on the stage with her siblings. Of course the media claimed it was just the next in line sibling wearing that little victim's favorite fancy dress, kinda strange for a very well to do Newtown family, to share clothing. Similar outfits maybe, identical, not so likely. But then again, it was her father's biggest contribution to our understanding that we care about.

Similarly, there's a CNN interview with another "grieving" couple whose child was a victim, though you certainly saw absolutely NO SIGN of LOSS in that phony mother's facial lines, eyes, big smile, and lively conversation. And so it went.

There were even re-tread bit players, as you can see:

Ain't it amazing how she must get around, severe case of jet-lag likely, flying from one psyop massacre to another.

On the other hand if you believe that such a coincidence is real world likely... well, let's calculate.. Hair part is switched fromleft to right, but otherwise the similarities are incredible... Greenberg-Sexton, Esq ? And Phelps as SandyHook parent.... odds on identical appearance, compounded by odds on involvement in two mass murder events within half a year, but separated by a thousand miles at least... COMPOUNDED BY THE UNLIKELIHOOD OF NEARLY EVERY ICONIC-SPEAKER IN THE SANDY HOOK THEATER SHOW, JUST HAPPENING TO LOOK LIKE SOMEONE ELSE, and 'that someone else' just happening to be a member of the CRISIS ACTOR GROUP OR ANOTHER APPARENT MASSACRE-INVOLVED PLAYER... the odds must be phenominally comical to be believably 'normal' reality.. wake up...

And it seems there was another SH/Batman cross-contaminated person showing up... one of the 'victims' apparently not killed at Aurora, now has been found in nearby CT as his 'original home', and he's coincidentally taking a position with NY Mayor Bloomberg to convince people of 'gun hazards'.
Just makes you REALIZE how loyal to their tyranny-loving employer these government workers must be, AND HOW DISLOYAL TO "WE THE PEOPLE" SO MANY AMAZINGLY TREACHEROUS GOVERNMENT WORKERS ARE...

Clearly, something seriously doesn't smell right with these examples of 'bereaved' parents. Either they are all theater-functionaries, making a living as crisis actors, or those children were known (by those parents) to be in safekeeping under the Witness Protection Theory scheme. Take your pick. We might have hoped for the latter -- in order to consider the government as simply hoaxing, not really massacring we-the-people --- but it doesn't look like massacring us isn't the reality... massacring is the reality, it seems..

We would point out that in either Theory of "why the children", this Crisis Actor ploy was expectable to some degree. Not just the Witness Protection Theory.

In the Pedophile theory, specifically in the alternative version (namely with government collusion), the crisis acting serves as control of the cover up only, no deeper into the full twenty sets of parents. The real parents would be kept secluded to keep them quiet, cheating them of their demands for justice, and to maintain the government's direction of usefulness to pay themselves back for their collaboration risks and expenses, via the governmental perennial-tyranny-proclivity, namely their anti-gun agenda, making the killers useful to government, adding value to government effort, as is expectable for an administration that has said it doesn't waste a crisis, or so it's said.

Without the government involvement, in the Pedophile theory, the mob's own mob connections alone would not likely be able to swing -- so uniformly -- as many mind-drugging mainstream media productions all over the map, TV and most print nationally and even England, as we saw, since they all swallowed and promoted the standard story. So that leaves the government involvement version (of the Pedophile Theory) squarely in the middle of the guilt-pointers, now for both theories, Pedophile or Witness Protection. Thoroughly coloring all the seen involvement of DC politicians and NYers as having known in advance and were ok with it, right down to murdering children, carers and everyone else potentially at risk of accidental involvement, plus especially the murders of Adam and Nancy..

The anti-gun 'opportunity' in the use of the crisis actors as parents explains those incompetent grievers, but what about Gene, whose acting wasn't very good. Lack of incentive in the Witness Protection scheme he was likely only getting paid as an actor, not as much as a victimized household would be whose whole life would be uprooted. He immediately went back into norm and disappeared for many a day when people who actually listened to more versions of his story and checked his identity online decided that they wanted to know what the government was paying for such a lousy acting job, and dear Gene used that taxpayer complaining about his venerable hero-acting career to get big mainstream media to let him moan on the big mainstream screen about how awful those conspiracy theorist were treating him who was such a hero, showing just how disturbed the media and the governing party is over the online fascination with the underbelly of their murderous govt beast, preferring the 'truthers' reports to the mainstreamers. Guaranteed that grant of mainstream screen time to ol Gene was more heaping coals on govt fires for more censorship of those reprobate conspiracy terrorists, who are terrorizing government at least.

Those censorship-threatening fires and libelous insinuations Inspiring new, even worse, laws like PIPA, CISPA and CFAA to control the 'tarnished' online miscreants who could be 'punishingly' litigated against.
Like they did to Aaron.

And anyway, they wouldn't want to ever try to control more than the iconic to-be-featured-skeakers, and a neighbor or two, not a whole raft of 'miscellaneous' neighboring people, agreed? Because 'neighbors' would have to have 'addresses' and there's only so much real estate turnover, to be put into service, rented possibly, as background checking cover. Patently it's not the money they would be needing for such control, just a lot of spare houses in the perimeter area, the supply of which is frozenly limited. But the names of the victims (the children anyway) were tracked to addresses for their bus routes. Victim names do relate to addresses in existence. The implications are staggering and we'll explore what these discoveries imply about pre-planning and theory survival.

In fact, on the issue of real estate limits, if we consider the comment/observation of one youtuber, that every home of an interviewed parent, teacher, etc where the interview was done supposedly in their home, suggested that everyone in Sandy Hook was stupidly buying the same looking, ultra cleaned up, $50,000 looking kitchen, like rental real estate, in Price-is-Right tradition.. Never thought much of that sort of show, but it may be interestingly useful for such truther strange noticing.. agreed? One explanation might be that interviews were in the on-location media's site. Customarily, we'd like to go back and take notice of any variation in kitchens for each 'home' interview, but we have another commitment. Patiently, we would wonder if those who pay attention to kitchen furnishing would remember and relay their findings, below.

Meanwhile I will be posting Episode 6 shortly, as soon as I gather up the data on the Theory of Adam and Nancy to fully compete with the Pedophile Theory (with Govt Cover-up) and the Witness Protection Theory. Notice how all remaining explanations do criminalize the government for a role in the murders, as you will see. TTYL

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Sandy Hook Part 4 -- Official bogosity and mainstream media suspicious treachery


Staffers being trusted in spite of evidence, gullibilty of police under FEMA

Before going on to all those questions and comparisons of reality to theories, we need to wonder about a couple of things.

First, the ability of such school staff persons, as we have seen as having a role, being able to expect that they will be given credence by police, public and the media? No one seems to question their reliability.

Do the staff get a free pass for some reason, just because they are 'school'-holy. They may have been victims OR maybe not. There's no evidence, audio or video, to grant them victim status purely. There were such scandalously suspect things being said by staffers. Like the one who apparently reported that the gunman had shouted to be let in.. Imagine that, he's planning to blow away a lot of victims, has armaments galore, and has his finger on the trigger and is aware that the door doesn't open. Pretty please????

And then there seems to have been some dissonance that should have been striking, things that would have alerted the police to be suspicious of the reliability of the staffer. The police were told, via 9-1-1 staff that the school staffer reporting the call for assistance said that there were hundreds of gunshots as she was trying to get through by phone, and though there were many magazines (partly empty) laying about, supposedly, imagine what hundreds of bullets would do to the couple of rooms. No one EVER mentioned any smoke/haze, no smell of sulphur of gunpowder burnt, when they were led out of the building and so we'd wonder just how smoky-hazy the rooms were where 'hundreds; of high power gunfire had gone on JUST A COUPLE OF MINUTES BEFORE. Dissonance between staffer statements and observed air should have suggested that the reporting staffer was not reliable.

It was just amazing how instantaneous was the conclusion that the whole event was a murder/suicide, not that all of the victims were murdered, which is a total possibility, when there are extraneous people racing away, either in that reported van, or through the woods.

And then, contrary to any normal expectation from security persons, 'somehow' no school security staffer steps up to assist by offering confirming use of the security system to the point that one wonders what sort of management was in place in the supposedly caring school personnel.

Yet the police favor the idea that they know what the answer is. Not suspect, not ever did we hear 'alleged'.

It's called prejudicial misconduct. STRICTLY stupid prejudice and unamerican profiling by those the community depends on for protection, whereas instead those police-sleuths ought to fall on their swords for their complete injustice and phony authoritarian bogosity as sleuths. Totally an embarrassment to Columbo. As well as to lady Justice.

What were these policemen, the supposed guardians of truth and justice doing? Putting on make-up for the cameras? Or just executing what Homeland Security told them was going to happen in some prejudicial exercises? Yes class, mass murders are always the handiwork of crazed lone gunmen, driven by government hate and freudian twisted mothers. Put that in your notebook for later use.... Uh-huh.. sounds like FEMA training classes resulting in amazingly incompetent FEMA 'rescues', like hurricane Sandy, etc. And then there's FEMA's partners, TSA, nuff said about government improving local police', clearly despised-as-weak performing public servants therefore needing big FEMA high-quality instruction.

You'd think that police would get annoyed and even suspicious of the DHS/FEMA people and their advising. Like the continuing-ed courses that FEMA holds just co-incidentally at the so conveniently located nearby sites to curiously coincidental disasters and just so presciently even advertised well in advance, and even with relatable tragedies: Parker Medical College just outside Aurora, for mass murder handling, and at Bridgeport near Sandy Hook on dealing with disasters involving children. Best we watch FEMA's upcoming class schedules. The police were made fools of by their FEMA/DHS over-handlers

Myth Spinning Authorities

And then there were the myth-spinning authorities, like the school superintendent in her official statements to the viewers of the TV-drug. Such officials, including the governor, who were never anywhere involved, were presenting 'details' in their statements on the prime-time events that they, nor anyone, could possibly have real knowledge of, describing words and actions no one around would have supplied by that time, unless they were also fabricating their own big moment in the sun. But of course their myths sounded so praiseworthy of supposed victims they could memorialize and, as a consequence, add credibility to the government school system... and not get sued for some negligence, but gasp, who could think such thoughts in the light of the halos being painted by the authorities and their media-mouthpieces... Yep, would you believe that anyone could hear Soto talking calmly, not provocatively raising her voice to get attention elsewhere, to the gunman who came into her room, after blasting how many obstacles out of his path and seeking to complete his agenda..

The nurse's tale, the TV reporter's theater falsity, and the anchor's treachery

Among the staff, supposedly with statements needing confirmation on that confused day was the nurse's (Sally Cox), or to be more precise, the report by the TV woman broadcasting that the nurse had described how the shooter had come into the nurse's office, looked her right in the eye and then went back to his searching, leaving her in shock, thinking she would have been dead like the others. gasp!

Well that bit of "theater" was totally FABRICATED by that woman TV reporter, probably desperate for something to grab a place in the sun, 'on the station's schedule'. It was later found out by others following up on that surprising description, and the nurse was then correcting that theater trickster, with an account that said that she (the nurse) had been hiding beneath her desk, unable to see nearly anything but the lower pants-leg of supposedly the shooter. Some story. But it advertises the questionable ethics of TV reporters in such crisis coverage.

An even more unsettling discovery -- especially in a crisis accounting in which government treachery or incompetence is key to the truth -- is that the CNN anchor (Anderson Cooper) was known to have worked for the CIA, of all places.

In the media, we do insist that newspeople are to be the 'fourth estate' and shall not have entanglements with government in their own background and connections. The media should be a watchdog, not a lapdog for government. With criminality like Fast and Furious being the 'quality' of the government requiring investigative newspeople to be digging for truth, the last thing you want to have to untangle is treachery by the digger in covering up vital information.

To see just how truth-compromised CNN's Anderson Cooper's approach to truth is, you only need to see how opposed Cooper is to the public doing their own due diligence and spreading it around so the world can see it with our own growing abilities online. His commitment to uncovering the full details of a story as crucial as Sandy Hook and having those digging results and theories reach the maximum audience is nil. Ignoring that we were finding suspicious contradictions and misinformation in the media, including his, online seekers finally exceeded his cultivated appearance of indifference. His programming response was to try to ridicule the work of online volunteers seeking in depth detail and tracking loose ends that the media were not, and Cooper then stooped to labeling the online people -- not passive like TV-hypno-druggies -- as tin-hats, when truth be told, it was the online seeker-public that had dug out the reality that Adam's physiology was not capable of executing the theory of the police tale, as well as uncovering the police' apparent mess up on the guns used. Etc. It's quite horrifying to think that there are completely-complicit-in-murder-level-evil people lurking in the nooks and crannies of the mainstream media that we recognize as being there when we see that AP bulletin announcing the shooting at the Newtown school slip out at 7:25AM December 14th, but to find it in the anchors, is beyond overlooking. Why? Because an occasional operative can manage to gain inside status in the fourth estate, but the existence of influential anchors who would attack people for finding better information to solve a heinous crime than he did AND be so well ensconced in the hierarchy, means that the hierarchy is corrupted, not just an isolated slipup in hiring. The culture of the organization is revealed in such behaviour as we saw in Anderson Cooper. Slitherin cheating.

The seeking-public (some accepting the name they are given, sometimes with derision, that they are 'truthers') is way ahead of all of them -- police and media -- and it's far from appreciated by the government and their mouthpiece-media. We shall consequently be seeing more calls for censorship of one kind or another. Not merely the police's judge-authroized clamp down for ninety days. Be prepared to fight off another CISPA-style government attempt to install a trigger to shut down websites they don't want seen.

On top of that likely return of CISPA type anti-internet attempts, there's already building up the absurd attack on private online gaming entertainment, reaching right into our private pursuits and interests in reality and trashing people's satisfying role-playing, making thoroughly unfounded insinuations that role-playing bad-guys is inherently evil, harmful to kids and bordering on converting players uncontrollably into mass murderers and hitmen... as if we should be so silly as to chase with tar-and-feathers those actors who dare to play the roles of villains as being such likely causes of murder in our streets. Like the old lady with her umbrella chasing 'JR Ewing', mashing him over the head with her bumbershoot.

So annoying and alarming is government and their media because they come with such lies, trumpeting unsound-to-nonexistent research, with their guns and lawyers and demand videos be removed from webpages.

But it's even more unsettling to see the sheeple roused to a self-appointed lynchmob-frenzy, roaming the 'net, and the street seeking illegal penalties (like publishing the private addresses of gun owners and more) and snitching and censoring of social media pages and youtube..

The perpetrated theater falsity masquerading as truth-seeking news by the career-climbing TV reporter would have been more difficult to expose without the security camera data quickly downloaded, possibly, so instead we had to rely on one of the online-seekers. They are the open-handed reliable ones. Almost impossible to imagine was the universality of falsehood in anchors lying about what they had found. Un-be-freakin-lievable.

And the list of perfidy and incompetence in media goes on when you add in the omissions. Like where's the interviewers of the janitor(s).
His testimony would be extremely 'interesting' and crucial. Precisely in that most shocking theory of the pedophile ring operation in which the switching of the bodies of the children could have been viewable on those camera recordings, but is denied to us if we depend on the mouthpiece-media, who should have unearthed the testimony of the most fabricated 'hero' of the day, the janitor, but, in fact, the media doesn't even know which one, no one seems to care, no media wants his interview? No questioning by media, nor even the police? Yet they claim he saved half the school at least???. Guffaw... Janitors don't matter??? Even if they constituted middle-of-the-action knowledge and truth... Not to these MSM people, not once they've used his story to boost their ratings and polished the agenda of their government handlers and story sources. A person from ordinary-land might have been unseemly as a hero on their polished stages and screens... Or if their perfidy goes so deep to be knowingly complicit in pandering to govt-engineered 'news', then someone may have told them not to 'bother' the janitor, effectively censoring all our newsworthy sources... Fourth estate, investigative, what a joke...

As for the trustworthiness of the school servicing professions, we will relate the information that many smalltime political operatives do make a fill-in income by signing up to be 'substitute teachers' as we have seen, though not the dangerous kind in our experience, thank you lady luck. However, the clearly simple way that such substitution contracts do allow the contractor to just make a quick decision on any given day's teaching opportunity based on whatever other operative, political business they may have for that day, without any loss of their access to future school-earnings-opportunities for fill-in income, does clearly favor operatives. Those flex-choice parttime, temporary operatives can also be danger prone contractors. The danger prone contractors could be hitmen, though many of those hitmen prefer HOLLYWOOD and TV backstage where those jobs are always being rescheduled, temporary for any given production's time and scene-changes. So hollywood also has some CIA dark-operatives based on their self-testimony, engaging in criminal work when their CIA or mob opportunities do present themselves. CIA opportunities apparently are more lucrative and more regular than maybe other hitmen, but the actors' and personalities' company and fill-in alibis are indispensible...

Which brings us to the FEMA crisis actors, to be considering next time, as you will see. TTYL

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sandy Hook - Part 3: The heroic janitor or the body-snatching custodian

Confirming a ghastly possibility ?

Knowing what we know now about Adam and a few of the possible accomplices, maybe killers, it just seems so completely wrongheaded to imagine that anyone would give credence to the story of the 'heroic' janitor. But they did. Without thinking about it twice.

Imagine someone bold enough to come into range of the marksman-killer, accidentally or not, and demand that we believe he was close enough to the marksman-killer to demand that the gunman 'put down the gun'??. Then regale us with the idea that he then managed to get away, to run through the halls pushing students and teachers into their classrooms and locking their doors...While he stayed quietly somewhere out in the hallway, supposedly in mortal danger... And to live to tell the story to the police when they came in response to the 9-1-1 calls, presumably. Though all we have as evidence that he was actually standing guard, as the myths do say, is the story of his shouting to the police when they arrive that he isn't the shooter, retold by the 'saved' ones cowering inside the locked-down rooms, when they finally opened their doors b/c they heard the police come noisily down their hall.

So now what else could a janitor actually be doing in the hallways, such as in the first of the scenarios we are examining for its credibility, ghastly as that pedophile theory is. So is there a real hero? Somehow, his name was not easy to come by, nor was he ever interviewed by the media, wonder why?

Well, once the internet observers got ahold of this report, they went off to find out more about this individual 'hero', even if the media was content to just repeat the myth. Guess what those internet observers found.

First of all, there was a limited number of candidate janitors. First was the main custodian, named Kevin J Anzellotti, and the searching only found his facebook page which the data-miner decided she was not going to dignify the content thereof with her own description because she said it was rather obnoxious... However, by the time I saw her video and went there, the whole area was thoroughly familyized. Completely, not a sign of anything remotely 'obnoxious'.

SOMEONE was paying attention to the datamining on Youtube. Otherwise, just wonder why Anzelotti's page was suddenly drastically revised. We shall have to consult with the data-miner as soon as possible to see if that element of noxiousness matched one or another of the scenario theories..

The only other candidate for janitor-hero was a semi-retired former janitor who was not on the staff somehow until sometime after November this 2012, neatly just a month before the massacre he shows up to help? Neatly just about the time that the first of the slipups of uncleaned-up evidence of wrongdoing from the planning stages, handiwork that had been left visible online and discovered by data-miners, specifically the polished video memorial (about Sandy Hook victims) stored on VIMEO with a confirmatory dated twitter (complete with title) that the upload had been accomplished, all of which produced the expectable reactions when shown on Youtube... mop-up time after VIMEO tried to claim that the video (seen and clips captured and presented) had *really* been uploaded sometime *later* than the date showed (making one wonder how credulous they think we are).

The name of this 'other' janitor was Rick Thorne and may have been the actual one locking down all the rest of the school people so they wouldn't be involved with the disaster in progress. To the benefit of all concerned. The bearer of that name however, in any list of addresses and identities in the general Newtown area, was living quietly and not to be disturbed by anyone since he seems to be unavailable at the moment. Perhaps the police brutality idea of being threatened with handcuffs to be sent to jail might explain it. Else where can he be?

Well consider this, since WE KNOW THAT whichever mythical janitor source it was, that janitor bragger WAS FULLY LYING IN THE ATTEMPT TO SPREAD DISINFORMATION since we don't want to so easily believe that the shooters with their MARKSMANSHIP would have missed and neglected such a risky male interfering in the shooters' planning, then we would have asked different questions about his mythical activities while the massacre was supposedly in progress. And likely had him arrested as an accomplice, shortly.
    For one, we'd like to know just what he was doing at the time of the 'encounter' with the killers AND that activity should also be on the security camera data. Because if the JANITOR was an accomplice, that completely makes it MUCH MORE FEASIBLE TO BRING DEAD CHILDREN INTO THE SCHOOL in boxes AND REPLACE THE GAS-ANESTHETIZED SANDY HOOK CHILDREN WITH THE DEAD ONES. Yes, presumably in suitably-sized, plastic-lined, cardboard boxes or even lightweight crates handled just looking like supply boxes with furnishings perhaps. Heaping the dead children -- used by the pedophiles and killed elsewhere with 'long gun' weapons using 3-11 bullets each, and boxed for this profitable operation -- anywhere in the classroom while gassing the cupboards where the teacher had put the students in, and maybe even blocked them in. The whole operation would not take very long WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF A KNOWLEDGEABLE JANITOR, or even two when needed.

    So now you see why we think that there should not only be demands for the security camera footage presumably on cameras still in service, maybe even the data from the ones that could have been shot-out by the killers in the area where the killers were working.

    ... Until the funeral, none of the parents were ever allowed to see their child, so who knows what child was buried in those coffins. If a coffin was wanted open for the funeral, in spite of the official instruction to parents not to do so, then the difficulty -- for the pedophile theory's viability -- is still surmountable by the criminals, IF at least one of the CORONER'S CREW (likely one of those brought in to 'help'? maybe from FEMA's drill group or from the state's drill group) WERE ALSO IN ON THIS OPERATION, THEN THE PERMITTING OF AN OPEN CASKET (with the wrong body currently planned for disposal) COULD BE RESOLVED BY ENDING THAT MOTHER'S REAL CHILD'S LIFE (aat that point in the custody of the pedophile) AND THAT NOW-DEAD CHILD BE RESUBSTITUTED in the casket AT DELIVERY TIME TO THE FUNERAL HOME. Ghastly, absolutely ghastly, but easily fitting the timeframes and supplying support for motive and profit to someone or to someones. And thoroughly consistent with the horribly immoral operators of such a pedophile ring where the lives of children are cheapened.

The Children's Story -- the mainstream possum vs the various children sought out by online media doing investigative coverage

As we scoured the evidence and other testimony of credible witnesses, we came to the testimony of children (appearing to be selected by online media) and have found it to be mostly in favor of this ghastly pedophile interpretation IF THE CORONER'S CLAIM OF 3-11 LONG RIFLE BULLETS PER VICTIM IS BELIEVABLE. Else the children's testimony means the Coroner was lying and the Witness Protection scenario is preferred.

To be specific: The children, uniformly have reported NOTHING LIKE THE HUNDREDS OF ROUNDS OF BULLETS FIRED RIGHT THERE INSIDE THEIR OWN OTHERWISE QUIET SCHOOL BUILDING. Unlike the woman's 9-1-1 statement, presumably at the initiating of police involvement, claiming the curiously accurate number of bullets in the police theory that the autopsies seem to also show -- a hundred gunshots she said, in advance basically.

Hundreds of bullets? A horrendous racket of cacophony that would have likely rattled the windows all over, judging from the online demonstration of the decibels of actual gunfire from either a Bushmaster or an AR-15 and we do suggest that FIRING RANGES ARE AN EXAMPLE OF HOW CACOPHONOUS THAT MAYHEM WOULD HAVE BEEN,

So let's examine those children's , LIKELY, innocent-of-agenda testimonies.
    A couple of the older boys did report that the their estimate of the gunfire was not rapid fire, nor many, but more like 'animal control workers' they thought might be in the woodsy area somewhere nearby. As far as frequency and less than cacophonous sound, this would fit with the teacher's assistant in the locked down part of the school, who also added that the firing came in a pair of sessions, separated by a significant pause, during which time she was using her cellphone to call 9-1-1, plus calling her daughter who was an EMT thinking she would have been frighteningly alerted to come to her mother's aid but found out that no EMT alert had been sent yet. Some questioned her veracity since her description was not representative of the expected cacophony, but now may be seen as the giveaway that the gun story is majorly not trustworthy.

    Another child of younger age and possibly in a more nearby classroom if the classes were arranged progressively by age-grade, said that it sounded like 'pots and pans clattering' like someone clumsily handling furniture, which was the assessment of another child who said that it sounded like the 'janitor banging furniture around in the gym' rafters or some such structural storage idea. All of which support the idea that the janitor (maybe both) was/were moving bodies in boxes in haste.

Now let's look at the major play given to another mainstream media-favored child.

The only story that is currently being harder to analyze is the story of the child, the only one in the 'first classroom' to escape being killed with the other near couple dozen dead children, was that she was 'playing dead' under the piled up disarray.

Well now that poses the interesting question, DID SHE ONLY GO OUT OF CONSCIOUSNESS MOMENTARILY (not getting as much gas) WHILE THE OTHERS WERE BEING SHIPPED INTO BOXES AND SHE GOT MIXED UP WITH THE ALREADY DEAD CHILDREN... OR.... WAS SHE ONE OF THE ACTOR-CHILDREN, maybe never even in the class, AND WAS SIMPLY DOING HER ROLE FOR THE DISINFORMATION OPERATION? [The actors in this circus will be analyzed in the next posting] You can guess..

Now it's our turn. We would ask how it was unrecognized that, with all the bullets flying 'supposedly in the police-interpreted story', that some stray bullet must be hiding somewhere in that child's body. So figure it out yourself. We keep trying to find a way to discard this pedophile theory, or even the govt/mafia theory, BUT IT KEEPS COMING BACK IN SPADES. We thought for a while that the possum-playing child was going to succeed in complicating the pedophile theory, until we thought of the stray bullet problem. If there were no stray bullets in that child's body then the possum story does not make sense (unless there weren't that many bullets at all and the official 9-1-1 caller is lying, for her own reasons), and only the knock-out gas idea (then finding herself under the pile of the coverup children, whose presence would be being cleared away as she was being unearthed by rescuers so she would not have been wanting to see more of the horror) explains her experiences as well as CONFIRMS THE OPERATIONAL DETAILS. Ghastly, but we must be DEMANDING RELIEF from uncertainty BY EVIDENCE TO EITHER SAVE THE 'MISSING CHILDREN' OR TO RENDER THE THEORY'S PUZZLES OTHERWISE EXPLAINED.

So we would demand the dead children be exhumed BY INDEPENDENTS FOR DNA EXAMINATION, defintely FROM OUTSIDE THE U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT's CONTROL AND OUTSIDE ERIC HOLDER'S ALLIES' CONTROLLING INTERESTS.. assuming they weren't cremated. then what...

Surveillance Cameras Needed

We have heard from one of the swat-knowledgeable Youtubers pursuing this story that HOLDER, yes Fast & Furious Holder, HAS TAKEN CUSTODY OF THE TAPES ! As our source said, "Just like the 9-11 Pentagon security camera tapes"...

Would we even trust whatever video concocted data the police/Holder would produce by this time, without broad spectrum internet experts' own confirmation of it being genuine?? Not!

If the police said that they kept an original, then let them show it post haste, otherwise it's a unreliable as the Holder copy, and in fact, even now, it's been too long for clear trust of any kind.

How much worse could the police have handled this? There's no indication in anything they have told us or produced that would suggest that they even made use of such a valuable piece of evidence. So we don't know if the security system failed, if the management of the security system failed, or if the police even looked at anything on it at all.

You might have wondered if there was a security system there at all to be looked at, or what was handed over to Holder.. The announced-to-parents high-tech surveillance and security system, that appeared to have been installed at the Sandy Hook grade school, supposedly worked by insisting on personal face and/or card identification, which system's records should provide such answers to confirm or expose comings and goings, at the very least. How many more cameras? Location? Their condition? Were the cameras even turned on? That leaves us to seriously doubt even the school's security staffers.

What was reasonable to expect from these people with direct and immediate access?

Quick responsiveness is REASONABLE TO EXPECT. Especially when the police department had massacre crisis training, as we have seen their CT state mouth-piece 'lieutenant' Paul Vance did appear in DHS videos of Aurora, CO, scavenged from DHS propaganda. Amazed at his Batman massacre presence?

How fast could the data have been in the hands of the police? As an example of the sort of speed expectable: When the asteroid exploded over Russia just a couple weeks ago, it was only moments before someone had uploaded the security footage of the timeframe around the impact so that the results in one of the offices being watched by a video security camera could be seeable and show how things shook and how the impact could be evaluated. No questions asked, 'rapid' is not beyond expectation.

If the stuff existed, maybe its display of the evidence WAS NOT confirming THEIR wild theory of a lone crazed shooter or maybe they didn't want to look? You'd think security tapes didn't exist, even though it appears the system did, which would mean possibly that the security system was intentionally shut down temporarily. Totally unacceptable managing.

The investigation was so tangled with chases in the woods suggesting multiple shooters, and the total confusion over weapons used, is just so suspect as being directed mismanagement by 'someone' with clout or control.

Reasonably evaluated, they needed immediate confirmation in the security tapes of real timing, sound & fury, number of shooters (four like the car doors opened?) which weapons, others in the hallways, including escaping children (how?), who to believe in the tangled lies. Those tapes' data should have been IMMEDIATELY ACCESSED BY STAFF UNDER SUPERVISION AND PRESENTED AS CONFIRMING-REASSURANCE THAT ALL THE MURDERER(S) WERE DOWN AND NOT STILL AT LARGE and that THOSE NOW IN CHARGE WERE COMPETENTLY HANDLING THE EVIDENCE, knowing where to look for prints, and myriad other messed up details....

You be your own judge.

The families testified that they experienced that security systems' operation whenever they came to the school, so you'd think security tapes did truly exist as advertised, IF the security system was not intentionally shut down temporarily... why? to accommodate the incoming killers'? Leading back to the suspicions about insiders helping the killers. Turning it off 'inadvertently' doesn't seem credible for a manager of that security system. Police and security staffers should have to answer for this loss of evidence. And in Holder's hands it's truly lost. End of that vital opportunity. On to another.

Next we want to look at Mass Media Treachery and FEMA's knowable use of Crisis Actors.. Then we're ready to open the pandora's box of The Reason for Adam and Nancy.. what a knockout. TTYL

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sandy Hook Part 2 - Recognizing a possible killer or three, the Franklin Scandal, & Four theories taking shape

The implications of Adam's innocence vs the 'pre-visit' staffer emergence


First of all, we demand to know the name/identity of the claimed Sandy Hook staff member who the media boldly reported that he had been involved in an 'altercation' with Adam Lanza, and precisely the "three other" adult victims of the mass murder and that this claimed confrontation took place THE DAY BEFORE THE MASSACRE,
specifically on December 13th at the Sandy Hook school. With such an undeniable agenda to convict Adam Lanza of intention to kill those three people (and likely the claimant himself, by his inference), such an explosive statement is INDICATIVE OF A SEVERELY INCRIMINATING PLOT PIECE. Yet the bearer of such lying is hidden from public view, and should be entirely suspected.

Worse, the ability to substantiate or explore that explosive claim was suspiciously EXTINGUISHED in the massacre itself, so what was the police's basis for trusting or dismissing such an explosive motive. In which case, we now have the responsibility to demolish that bearer of lying.

And we further wonder how that suspect got credibility to be broadcast on NBC and major media, with NO verification from the official controllers either, since NBC declined to reveal who their 'police' source was, REVEALING THAT IT SEEMS THE MEDIA IS DRIVING THE OFFICIAL CONTROL.


It could all be a FABRICATION of the mainstream-media to hide their totally exposed false-reports on Adam that they broadcast the day before and to now hide how those broadcasted-lies were defeated by the internet with the strangely fine help of people's cellphones and cameras, completely to the media's embarrassment online (though in the TV world, the major networks were dribbling toxins into the TV-viewing public's veins, though not quite successfully), now being papered over by some mythical newly emerging chimera with lies to distract the public from their puzzling and to seem to repair the media's previous toxic 'opinions' in their now-claimed revival from the 'fog of war' confusions down in the trenches with the police (where they imply the public's internet was not privy) so as to denigrate the consensus forming in the public mind that the media were in on something unwholesome..

And lo and behold. we have just seen that unwholesomeness is so likely the case, as we see again in another one of those amazing discoveries. Now the discovery is of the stunning AP bulletin that was issued TWO HOURS BEFORE THE SHOOTINGS and found in extended searching by a sharp sleuther. That internet sleuther has displayed on Youtube the screen print of that AP news bulletin THAT WAS POSTED at precisely 7:25 AM ON THE DAY OF THE MASSACRE... that AP Bulletin says:

    "Police respond to report of school shooting in Newtown, Conn.: few other details available"
    See this understatement here:
Stunning discovery being relayed by one Youtuber in his compilation of evidence, with the young woman discoverer's Screencasting cursor pointing momentarily to the 'BREAKING' designation, where the cursor is highlighting the area inside the cursor's bright green circle. It must be all over the net by now. The posting date by someone at Associated Press Newservice is roughly lower left, left of 'Embed this Tweet' and below the row of icons. Drop dead clear..!

I don't suppose the control of data is so tight that AP could discover the identity of the poster of that BULLETIN, or would they... surely there were an amazing number of 'mistaken' press bulletins in that early period, fully confusing most people totally, and creating the 'fog of war' that the media later used as their 'out' for their own later-and-with-full-research-credibly-doable bad coverage. If that identity were available, right now, it had better be retrieved or be swept off the scene, as other evidence slipping out.

And we shall remember that the powerful over-reaching forces behind this engineered massacre will have some spokesperson declaring that 'some' programmers made 'some' sleight of hand datestamp-option for 'some' reason that is not very logical but obviously it accounts for the date discord and we are scolded: we must trust "THEIR COMMON SENSE" or risk being seen as a tin-hat. Which common sense of the generic sort says they've been caught and ALL THE MANY programmers IN SEVERAL DIVERSE SYSTEMS were not conceivably the problem in CASE AFTER CASE OF PREMATURE ESCAPES OF EVIDENCE OF CRIMINAL PREPARATION... from Facebook pages that memorialized the valiant death of Soto DAYS BEFORE she was 'a victim', to the United Way solicitation of donations for the victims before any 'shooting' happened, to death certificates prior to deaths, to the KNOCKOUT VIDEO ON VIMEO showing a polished presentation on the heroics at Sandy Hook with an upload date of mid-November, a whole MONTH AHEAD OF THE MASSACRE (which cowardly Vimeo management when confronted with the discovery of the date of uploading, said they opined that it was truly possible that you could upload a new video over the older one without the date-of-upload being changed, believe it or not, and when the discoverers didn't believe it, the notified owners of the video made it 'private' and then removed it altogether)... So use your common sense, because there are at least some copies, including ones made with the screencasting displayed?

However, in the event that some Sandy Hook staffer still has his involvement-trepidation-overcome so that he will persist in his lying, we shall insist that Adam's evidence of Aspergers conditions exposes that Staffer's lying, and that ADAM NEVER ACCOSTED ANYONE AT SANDY HOOK and the logic works in the following way:

5) Since aspergers' symptoms were being considered in some depth in our previous post, we shall not repeat the details and shall, on that basis, demand that the fellow on staff at the school who claimed that he and 'the three' other dead staff members were accosted by Adam unexpectedly the day before the massacre, be held in suspicion, maybe even in custody. He curiously did not show up 'for work' **in time** at the school on the day of the shooting as the 'other three victims' did whom he claims were with him in some nebulous 'altercation' with Adam the day before the massacre. HE SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY CONSIDERED A LIAR BASED ON WHAT WE KNOW OF ASPERGER ADAM, since Aspi Adam would, first of all, not have been poking around unexpectedly at some place unusual for him, as this school surprise visit may clearly be seen to be. Such an unfamiliarity-plagued, location-changing discomfort is not desirable by any Aspi and would not have been pursued on his own, especially with his mother out of town as his carer, should things go wrong if such a wild idea ever crossed an Aspi's thoughts in the first place. Secondly, Nancy had left Adam a supply of prepared meals so that he'd be comfortable with his usual routines while she was on her latest holiday in NH for a pair of days. That is how Adam operated. No way would a super cautious, intelligent Aspi take off into the uncertainty-charged atmosphere of unfamiliarity and venture to accost strange people, not seen in a dozen years at the very least. No way! [ If ever at all, since another source said that Adam went to St Rosa's in the early years, not Sandy Hook Elem.]

As for the purpose of such lying claim and prejudicial-conviction-attempt... clearly the MURDEROUS PLANNERS' goal was to focus everyone's attention on Adam. THE MURDERING SCHEMER'S PATSY, their FALL-GUY IS SUPPOSED TO GET THE ATTENTION so that police/media attention to investigation in the crucial early hours when the trail is hot is taken away from pursuing any other possible criminal collaborators.
    RESULT in PATSY IMAGE: Creating an 'animosity' and hatefulness, not just drugged-confusion senselessness AS WE WERE SEEING IN AURORA last summer.

    RESULT in VICTIM IMAGES: Maybe the 'brave three' were to be seen as too trusting of Autists (?) and other 'strangely different' people, but then even if beneficently trusting, they SHOULD HAVE REPORTED such odd-visit behavior, making the 'three' not so clever, and providing a 'lesson' for the public. This somewhat diminishes the victims now being credited with heroism in potentially defending child victims, so it must be highly important as the intended message (now who would want such a snitch-embellishing message imprinted on the public mind)... Counter interpretation: (If, as some have suggested, no one really died, then envy of the glory being attributed to the adult victims in the preposturous pronouncements of the posing-as-all-seeing Superintendent -- without any real events knowledge in her possession -- could be another favored explanation, depending on when this 'pre-visit' story did get put into circulation.)
NEEDED FOR PROPER INVESTIGATIVE CONCLUDING: timing and sequencing of related statements.

Well at least on "timing" we have the next-day-AM NBC video date, pretty much eliminating the envy route (since the superintendent's sort of praise was not yet in play so soon): the villain had already put this claim of a supposed pre-visit into the police thinking before the end of the day of the massacre, but possibly not so late as to be seen as still needing questioning overnight, so that would put the disinformation likely in the midst of the confusion of the other captured suspects (from the woods, etc). because it was said in the NBC report early the next day, that the authorities were 'still' questioning this individual at that time with no reported results. We must have the name of that lying staffer who was magnifying his own crime-scene-intelligence while attempting to point at Adam with a libelously claimed motive.

But more than that criminal need to point at Adam as 'to-be-hated', there's another level of significance... The fabrication of such a full-blown image-tale with potentially risky revealing explanation DETAILS (as such an altercation episode would have and be requirable to be revealed) out of thin air (since Adam's innocence reveals the void where Adam was said to have been), suggests considerable *need*, not just prejudice against someone 'different' and 'conveniently accusable' nor as an explanation for not being at work that morning, which leads us to conclude that his motives were likely severely criminal, of some sort. So what were those risky involvements and motives...

How would such an individual be involved as one of the criminals? A number of possible gyrations in the tangled lying start unraveling as soon as we look, all of them seem to leave this lying individual in the line-up of criminals. So let's untangle them, just to favor the idea that he might not be *entirely* lying about 'the three':and him being in an altercation, though he was entirely lying about Adam's involvement.

To analyze the possible gyrations, visualize a branching tree. First branching point (there was no altercation at all) or (there was an altercation with that group among themselves). Then from each of those branching alternative explanations of reality, there are consequences to be explored in order to arrive at the motives and risky involvements.

BRANCH 1: Since Adam wasn't involved in any such altercation, was there an altercation at all?

If there was no altercation at all, then what role do the 'other three' victims play in a non-altercation scenario? CRUCIAL PUZZLE to identify consequences: Branch 1a) -- (Were they intentionally targeted for some as yet unknown reason) or (were they simply in the way and got killed?)

    If those 'three' weren't supposed to be in the way but were there anyway, possibly the plan was to USE ANYONE WHO DID GET IN THE WAY as being the main mysteriously-explainable target of the murderous planner's chosen patsy. Such an immediate connection would focus more police/media feeling of there having been intent to get those 'three' (not that they were just collateral damage) in the lone-shooter-theory image and so the killers' team would plan to belatedly reveal such pre-visit disinformation about some 'altercation' with *whomever* got in the way on shooting day, with the lying disinformer as an observer/paricipant of such altercation who could lyingly point to Adam as possibly seeking revenge. Since there would likely be some other victims than just children, then WE'D WANT TO KNOW HOW **SOON** THIS LYING INDIVIDUAL WAS FOISTING HIS LIE ON THE OFFICIALS..
      If he waited until he was informed about the identities of the adult victims, then there's a possibility that his role was simply as 'escape-accomplice to murder' of the children and distracting police from other work on the case

      If however that lying individual did present his faulty story before being told the identity of the victims, then he is one of the shooters and maybe even the precise killer designated to 'handle' anyone who would get in the way. And he wouldn't have to run away very much, since he would be expected to be onsite, so he'd want to maybe be found just cowering in a closet like the rest, or be seen as if he were just arriving from the parkinglot (not fleeing, just hiding down in his car that he'd left there over night).

    Else if the 'three' were actually to be targeted, then a lot of 'interesting questions' should follow. Not the least of which is what was the basis of the discord between that lying individual and the 'three' that brought on their targeting during the massacre...
      Was the 'discord' already in the open prior to the massacre (in which case they must have known something about what was going on that affected the killers so as to trigger such a payback).

      Or was the discord between them and the lying individual still just *impending* (and then they apparently stood in the way of some opportunity or new player who would replace one of them and undo the relationship of the 'three' in a way crucial to some mafia style operation, like a pedophile ring in the area using school resources after hours, for example. Or using Sandy Hook's information resources, etc, but wanting more. In any case, the disinformer is DIRECTLY implicated in their murders.
BRANCH 2: If there was an altercation, then the possibility of targeting is way increased and the question would be how could the presence of 'those three' be arranged reliably at the massacre site-to-be and on the killers' schedule. That ruse-need being done would be an indication that there was another staffer (since the disinformer wasn't at the school in the morning)also in the killers' group, like maybe the janitor (who incidentally was known to be in the area of the arriving shooters, per some tale of "heroics" AND lived to tell about it) who could be conjuring the need for the principal (one of 'the three') and her relatable associates (psychologist and one more) to come to the first grade class where the janitor has deposited some arriving boxes requiring a principal's signature and others' overseeing opinions on merit of the delivered items. So it would be easily conceivable whether done or not, and would imply a second insider. Such insiders could also explain how the security cameras would be possibly able to get near instantaneous destruction so as to provide no record of the rampage, since being in possession of that location-knowledge would make such instantaneous destruction quite attainable for a professional target expert, as we have demonstrated the shooters did include

The official story is that 'the other three' went to the first grade classroom after the shooting started to see what was going on and rushed right in. Believable? Umm, sure, maybe or maybe not. If the shooters had to shoot their way into the front door as is believed, and then turned immediately toward the first grade classrooms (instead of toward the offices as the floorplan description in the governor's summary did claim per police-provided analysis) then how fast did 'these other three' (instead of summoning police help) rush from their meeting down the hall in order to arrive in time to intercept the shooters and be caught in the firing squad? Try picturing that as possible. Impossible, in your opinion, too?

Hundreds of rounds were supposedly being fired in those close quarters. In fact, if the shooters went straight to the classroom as the governor was supposedly summarizing with precision and a floorplan for the TV audience to understand how fast the disaster did overtake Sandy Hook before the highspeed response police could possibly arrive -- in 10 minutes? he emphasized, but clearly he is measuring from the time when the 9-1-1 calls came in reporting the shooting which calls were eventually numerous, but the front desk person was reported to have dove into hiding and didn't re-emerge for a lengthy time, per the varnished account provided by the nurse, iirc, so how much time elapsed, before the first call came at 9:35 is wobbly. Unvarnished accounts from the far side of the building (to be explored later), after they were hustled into classrooms and locked in by the janitor, per their story did estimate (unfortunately colored by fear) that the 10 minutes was 25min. Working from the ten minutes rapidity, then how did the first graders get hidden in the cabinets before the rushing shooters got to the room. They must have taken a full ten seconds, just to realize that the incredible cacophony was inconceivable-to-ordinary-people real gunfire right inside their hallways and nearby. The whole blessed room would have still been standing in a state of shock from the entry-way shootup noise, and possible security camera disabling. No time to register that an assault is what's in progress and make plans (not unless you're israeli and/or you've been drilled in such a ridiculous alarm strategy of hiding in cabinets for a shooter lockdown). You'd barely have time to screech 'what the hell was that' and look at your co-workers and/or students for their state of shock, before the idea sets in that it's real gunfire, but what to do. Those guns are LOUD, especially indoors (about 150 decibels, where people complain about generator noise of a paltry few decibels). Meanwhile those gun-wielders are on their way to go the short distance down the hall to the first room.

For analyzing the police theory for 'the three', in those short moments after the initial 10 second shock and awe, then seconds to drop what you are doing 'in the meeting' in some account, what would 'the three' be thinking on their way, following and seeing the destruction of the security lock and camera, and anything near those items, already having to have been 'blown away' without hesitation since their function and location were known to the shooters? Meanwhile the shooting is still going on. Doesn't 'oh my god' slow you down in your haste? 'What do I do?' Using up roughly a whole 60 seconds of the likely 3 minutes that the shooters were 'devoting' to the first classroom, with about an eery 3 minute pause (accounted for in the report of the an arriving mother with a bookbag to deliver and an unvarnished account of one locked-down teacher's aid on the far side of the building) with another 3 minutes spent in the second classroom before the police arrived and the shooters had split. So although their arrival and targeting is still possible, it doesn't seem likely that there was anyone from that classroom moving about to be saved by the last half minute of the three.

So we see, that 'the three' being in the midst of the first classroom massacre does more practically require some pre-planning, just to make the whole story hang together time-wise and misplaced sense of helping. So concluding, if there was an altercation among 'those three' and the disinformer, then there's likely another complicit-in-the-murder insider who co-operated in order to target 'the three'. Agreed, so as to arrange their presence with the disinformer not at the school yet that day? So that takes care of Branch 2 as well , and with Branch 1 included, then either that disinformer is complicit in mass murder or is one of the shooters himself. So give us his identity and make him take the Fifth in order to avoid FURTHER self-incrimination. Agreed?

The other realization that there are at least one and maybe a FEW more insiders in the mass murder. We wonder just when the 'one' in the offices did make the call to 9-1-1 which may not have been quite as soon as 'first' since one account said there were still more calls coming in when she called the second time, after the "pause". quite 'late' (relative to the bursting in the door) though that 'one' would have had to have known that the responsibility was on their heads, specifically on the head of the office person in charge of opening the front security door. Agreed that's likely?

And the office person in charge of opening the front security door would not likely -- on that 'shooting' day -- have been the 'secretary' who was so unusually taking a sick-day that precise day and then showing up when the mess was done, apparently not so down-and-out-for-the-count at all. That person in charge of the security door is one we want to ask about her own activities during the shooting. Plus there was -- according to the sources cited on wikipedia-- a 'secretary' hiding with the 'nurse', somehow, with the nurse under her desk in one account? What kind of infrastructure does Sandy Hook have? How many staffers did honestly have control of people-contact for the school.. and where were they when the shooting started?

With now possibly two insider accomplices and a possible insider as shooter emerging from pacifying one or another of the explanations needed, one begins to take the mafia and pedophile images rather seriously. The nationality of the 'mafia' is open to limited exploring since we are of the opinion that Eric Holder appears to have CONFIRMED links to drug cartel Sinaloa, whereas Obama has both Israeli/Jewish and muslim motivation ties. And Holder/Obama/Napolitano all have American mafia-style forces in the less-than-honorable employee elements in DHS, FBI, ATF and CIA. Consider the book I was an economic hitman whose author says that not all the employees in the U.S. spy and enforcement ranks are as naive as to deny the existence and knowledge of those mafia-style forces inside the Executive Branch. Taking the groups, one by one:

    The Sinaloa option is going to be somewhat compromised by current courtroom difficulties in Chicago. Those relations are stressed to their limit.

    Israeli enterprising swat squads would be uninterested in aiding Obama's tyrannical anti-gun progress since Obama was unsupportive of the Israeli's expressed wishes that the US should block Palestinians receiving favor from the U.N. just that month so those highly trained squads would only be snubbing such an assignment, under any banner. And as for the Israeli intelligence operatives being the ones possibly designing this massacre for their own swat teams, even Netanyahu would be unwilling to put the American Jewish population into defensive modes again without real benefit to Israel, not just his image-pique nor simple revenge against the U.S. for not blocking the Palestinians in their U.N. bid.. And the Israelis have no motive for involving Adam.
      However we would note that someone of the murderous planner's team of disinfomation-planters did try to implicate the anti-moslem Danish mass murder confusion as connected to Sandy Hook, by leaving some info-sheets on that affair in Adam's area, as if Adam were so inclined to 'envy' that murdering game. So how did the info-sheets get there... by having either an insider in the police department drop them there when they first found Nancy with intent to mislead the investigation team, or presumably an unsuccessful investigative team desperate to 'come up with some clue' so they manufactured one, but why anti-muslim Danish as a model for a hated target. Or MUCH more likely the killers who murdered Nancy and kidnapped Adam, were instructed to plant those sheets when they had full opportunity to set the scene at the house, easily intending to mislead the police investigators who would be combing the house for Adam's stuff. Don't you agree?

      And furthermore, we would thoroughly notice the amazing amount of British news coverage that was filthy with misinformation, and would suppose that the British are not as known for being controlled by the "Jewish block" as the American politicians are reputed to be, and are instead easily more inclined to be under Moslem influence, in London especially, don't you agree?

      Hence we'd figure that the murderous planners were under more pro-moslem influence, which would be suggesting the Obama parentage connection as the idea-driving source, though not the manpower source, which was discredited in 9-11 as camel jockeys used as pawns, who couldn't fly a piper but could jet-pilot-enviably spiral a 757 into ground-skimming precision to thread the needle's eye and smash into the precisely least monitored path and point on the entire perimeter of the high-security Pentagon Building, and/or even more hilariously magically bring down even Building 7, independent of the World Trade Buildings 1 and 2, from remotely caused ordinary office fires, precisely descending gracefully into its own footprint. ROTFLMHO

So executive branch insiders with direction to serve Obama somewhere.. Adding the government mouthpiece media insiders.. crowned by insider slipups in evidence escaping into public view, if you will agree that your tinhat feels ok.

Now, that momentary pedophile-reference above (in the mafia list) may seem rather shocking out of the blue, but as a matter of fact the black honda thought to be "Nancy's car" allegedly "being driven by Adam" in their lone gunman theory (presuming that Adam was still alive and able to drive with his Aspergers, some Aspis cannot handle road stress even without other life stresses, and certainly not under such enormously horrendous conflict circumstances as the killers were putting Adam under) leads someplace unexpected and almost discarded.

That black honda was described by one of the earlier unknowing parents arriving to deliver part of a missing schoolbag's needed requirements, just as the shooting was likely restarting (since according to one teacher's assistant inside the 'safely lockdown' side of the school building, there had been a significant pause, and this arriving mother was unaware of any shooting noises as she approached the school entry (but soon noticed the broken glass at the entry, so the massacre was in play) and as she was just reaching the frontstep, she noticed the strangest feature of a black honda just STANDING WITH ALL FOUR DOORS WIDE OPEN and some cloth-like items, possibly a couple of dark towels scattered around it. Why would a lone shooter open all four doors?? is what those of us pursuing this case want to know. She just thought it was unusual and had only a momentary look before she claimed to have realized there was trouble inside the school after noticing that the glass pane alongside the door was broken up, and then the shooting started (again) so she quickly high-tailed it out of harm's way. (To use her cellphone from the safety of her car to seek help?)

About that noticing of broken glass next to the entry door, someone analyzing overhead views (news chopper video covering the incident? though maybe taken earlier?) frame-by-frame, showed an image of the entry that didn't seem busted up. Oh well, surely no one would clean up a crime scene. Also analyzing that scene, some suggested that the discarded black cloths were to conceal their guns until the last moment, and were dropped when ready to enter the school. Much examination was going on. But that initial recognition of the strange black honda as the vehicle the killers may have likely come in started even more interesting searching.

That black honda was wrapped in crime-scene yellow tape once the police were in charge and was left sitting there overnight, at least it seems so, because they didn't discover the sole long gun (bushmaster? shotgun? whatever, the only long gun anywhere) in its trunk until it was quite dim out, and maybe even that car was unattended over two nights, since the mainstream media made a fuss about the towing away of "Nancy's car", supposedly on the 16th, two days later. WITH NO MENTION OF FINGERPRINTS TAKEN. And over that period, a couple of other cars seemed to be also suspiciously unattended (left for what by whom), some with yellow tape, plus one (with a busted driver-side window, covered up) in the driveway of the neighbor (his role to be discussed later) just a stones' throw from the school and across from the firehouse where supposedly all the rescued children were sent in order to organize reuniting episodes with parents? The license plates of those cars were duly copied, when possible, from examining crime scene images. Those plate numbers could be magical. Other vehicles of interest to the police were not so easily taggable by their plates.

The black honda with the doors originally wide open (closed later by someone with likely no examination?) at the front of the school had plates that said 872YEO so most attention was on that plate. Wondering what the police were finding (or hiding again), folks were listening and recording police band radio. A few who were listening to the police radio bands for the local area, some taping simultaneously as many as 2 or 3 at a time, were convinced that they heard a police officer identify the owner of that car as being someone named Christofer Rodia and the race was on to find out what there was on that individual, via data mining.

It turned up that he had a couple of homes, one in the area and one in Florida. But most stunning was the record of HIS CONVICTIONS, for PEDOPHILE CRIMES. Someone with likely 'ring' connections as a CHILD-ABUSER suspiciously near a murder of small CHILDREN... Fireworks.. And connections to drug names/addresses in the area. After bringing the information to query the police officials, and being told by them that there was no record of any relationship to Sandy Hook, the re-examining of the audio records went into high gear and produced a possible explanation, namely that the Rodia suspect, while driving his own car by that time, was almost an hour away and was stopped for some other reason, and his identity exposed, but the signal on that radio band from the police making the stop, was underlaying the audio from the other police department band, making it sound as if the identification was for the 872YEO request. Dang.

So after that discouraging discovery, it was decided that maybe there was no connection to the murders. Another clue thrown away, prematurely.? Although Rodia was now considerably further away than most might have thought was relatable to the Sandy Hook location, the fact that Rodia is not the "owner" of the black honda, DOES NOT MEAN THAT HE WASN'T POSSIBLY THE DRIVER for the killers and left immediately in his pre-planned escape vehicle -- since the Honda had to be left for the police to tie to Adam's arrival and failure to escape -- for some reason not yet figured out, maybe because he had that triggering record as a pedophile, that would blow the case wide open if his presence close to Sandy Hook were noted when the shooting was done.

And if it was so incredibly important that his connection to Sandy Hook and pedophilia was so crucial to be avoiding his involvement at such lengths, then who's skin is behind this operation to make it unforgivable to fail to keep him off the radar. So should this be discarded, not in my neophyte opinion. The connection to VULNERABLE CHILDREN is TOO UNCOMFORTABLE TO JUST DROP IT YET.

Such a pedophile connection to a 'school tragedy' was part of the monstrous strategy that may be part of the recent scandal in Britain that took down the BBC's chairman/CEO for his squashing of a revealing documentary. I remember seeing a video a while back (sometime around the time of the scandal's aftermath this fall in which a high ranking group of pedophiles was -- after the hours of work -- running a ring for the rich and powerful, as well as for visiting dignitaries and government spies from all over, possibly going all the way back to the Profumo affair of the 1960s. This ring was specifically engaging in child abuse beyond sexual abuse. In one of those episodes to try to escape discovery, they needed to get rid of a group of victims, brutally harmed, and so they arranged a fire at some **other** children's school, switched the bodies of the children they needed to be rid of with the children of that school, burned the school with the identities of the undesired victims obliterated conveniently in the fire as if they were the original children attending that school. The children that they absconded with who used to be quietly attending that one now-burned school, became the 'new flesh' for the rich and famous abuser-pedophiles.

So we think that we should explore this Sandy Hook massacre very thoroughly just in case those Sandy Hook children (supposedly the ones in the coffins) are still alive somewhere, in the custody of some mafia's pedophile operations, which operations btw may include some CPS (child protective services') disappearing children, though those children are reputed to be mostly black children, as I recall in the furor over the CPS attempt to take that woman's child and force drug her child in Detroit, which the mother (Maryanne Godboldo) was trying to prevent. Eventually getting to a justifiable gun involvement at one point where the furor that resulted made widespread awareness come online..

That British operation did sometimes use what they would call 'homes' (more maybe like orphanages) to 'store' their supply of victims. Horrifying is not even close to what this did imply about the complicity of the government's "carers" on top of the elite's access to control and escape from justice when anyone got wise. People trying to blow their abusers' cover, had accidents, documented in that video coverage, and people living in the area (as well as royalty when one of the older children appealed for help) shunned the idea that such wild talk was 'real' and/or did not seem to understand that it was precisely the *carers* who were the pedophiles' , the 'johns' and accomplices, and so the pedophiles did manage to kill that boy in one of the attempts, not just his, to end the pedophile tormenters' access. As you may agree, such a story is not one you always think you'd need to keep more carefully filed. Now if I could just unearth that referenced video that came in an email, stashed somewhere in my inbox...

    [ This is the latest British pedophile scandal story as it appears in the mainstream at the moment: A major media scandal has toppled the head of the BBC over the network’s handling of two reports on sex abuse, wrongly implicating a politician in one report, and killing the other report on its own popular BBC host, the late Jimmy Savile. One year after his death, Savile has been accused of abusing potentially hundreds of victims, over 300 children, while the BBC stayed silent. ] It was covered by many media about in mid November 2012, about when this Sandy Hook operation may have been in planning stages? Inspiring the killers still in planning mode?

And before anyone tries to ever claim that such massive corrupt pedophile rings could never be part of this country's own elite, we just were lucky enough to have wonderfully intuitive circulate the rough UNAIRED DOCUMENTARY (planned to be broadcast in Ireland and the UK) THAT WAS SILENCED TOTALLY BACK IN 1993 about the FRANKLIN SCANDAL, a $40 million bank fraud with A PEDOPHILE RING that reached from Nebraska's Boy's Town to the Whitehouse party guests and Embassy Row. The sex perversion was covered up by the FBI who sealed the evidence in such a tangled list of obstacles-to-release as to make it gone forever. In Washington DC, there were special services and The Golden Boys 'specialty' sought boys under 10years old. And yes, the drugs, sadism, and blackmailing of influential officials, etc was all in that maze.

That story was attempted to be investigated by the Washington Times in DC, to no avail when the FBI sealed the evidence after seeing that the WT reporter, Rodriguez, was digging into the files; the witness-victims were prosecuted for perjury in NB's attempt (started by a righteous legislator, then thwarted by the county prosecutor 'editing' the video evidence being shown to the jury so as to frame the witness for perjury, with further assistance from the FBI) with unheard-of sentences of 25 years for telling the truth! While the pervert ring operator, Lawrence King, who was eventually brought down by the IRS for his financial fraud and theft from the Franklin Credit Union of $40Million, only got a 15 year sentence, with no part of the pedophile ring ever revealed to the public, in court or media. People were murdered, had unexplained accidents (FBI impounded the accident evidence there too), faced threat after threat if they pursued their case. Sound familiar yet?

After the murders, the whole team, foster care investigator, special investigators, witnesses, and their families, pursuing justice gave up and left the lawyer, John Dekamp, who had bravely and boldly stepped up to try to win the appeal of the witness' perjury case in spite of the threats, was left with nothing but his analysis of what is needed for the elite to totally squelch discovery of such a monstrous evil, namely control of the media, the Justice Department, and the police. His counter examples where even Presidents were unable to silence discovery of vile dirty laundry were where the media was not controlled by those attempting suppression... Look what we now face, acting as genuinely independent media, instead of the mainstream government mouthpieces... We must not let the government control our internet media..

The unaired roughcut video is here (maybe for a while);

And if not, try the website:

So now we have -- after all that tangential exploration of child-related sex-perversions in despicable networks operating here in the USA, formerly unchallengeable -- a candidate theory for Sandy Hook, the PEDOPHILE THEORY, for involvement of pedophiles in the children's thread-fitting, to add to the loose ends as we continue the examination of clues. The switching of two groups of children with one set being the majorly unfortunate cover for the PROCUREMENT of the other now-unfortunate set of children, is the favored idea at the moment for explaining 'why the children'?

Except for the ANTI-GUN-RIGHTS THEORY based on the realization that children's deaths would empower the 'Justice' department to make the claim that current world conditions, life and voter demands for action make it requirable to take down the 2nd Amendment and confiscate the public's LAST RESORT of self-defense against assaults by that constitution-violating government's agents, thereby ignoring the recognition that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was citizen control of rogue government and citizens' right for using weapons against tyrannical bureaucratic government, which one speaker at a hearing on gun-control said we'd best not 'lose our last resort'! And that Anti-Gun-Rights Theory surely has some powerful merit as a motivation for accessing Holder's and Napolitano's ample resources b/c this 'classic project of tyrants' will need even more money, manpower and contact controllers, than we see even in this engineered massacre. But we saw the corrupt FBI in the Franklin Scandal engage in both courtroom criminality and also saw mafia-like events perpetrated against those seeking justice. Some powerful elite was mobilizing government criminals and even causing murders and 'accidents'. The corrupt elements in government are there for accessing by those who know who and how and that sort of 'knowledge' possessors includes very highly positioned elite elements within the government, high enough to shield the operations. Like Fast&Furious. We shall make note of what departments of government make appearances, who they report to, their modes and motives. Among those making unexplained, unceremonious 'visits' to the Sandy Hook Police Department's management was Eric Holder. More later.

But that tyrannical citizen-disempowering planning of the anti-gun-rights planners would be served as well (or better) if the Justice Department's mafia allies would agree to take the role of implementers of death and destruction with other insiders in government handling the scene control. Think that alliances between mafia and 'Justice' are not claimable? That Fast&Furious were 'lapses' in judgment? In case the drug cartel Sinaloa and their mob operatives is not on your agenda to explore, Pulitzer Prize nominee, Jon Rappoport reported on 'Justice' and government connections to the mob in this open letter to Obama:
    Mr. President, just thought of something else. You've heard of the name, Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla? I'm sure you've been getting briefings on him. He's standing trial in your old city, Chicago.  

    Niebla is a member of the Sinaloa Cartel (drug gang). For some reason, his trial keeps getting postponed. Niebla and his lawyers state that he has special immunity from the DEA, because there is a deal between the US federal government and Sinaloa.  

    In exchange for the Sinaloa providing intelligence on rival Mexican drug gangs, the US government is permitting Sinaloa to ship tons of drugs into the US through Chicago.  

    US prosecutors have been asserting the right to suppress quite a bit of evidence in the Niebla trial, for national security reasons.  

    Is this perhaps one reason why you don't mention gang gun violence in your campaign to take away guns?
Which, under the usual rules, means that there's lots more not going to be seen in a court, and even more outside this case. Hand in hand. So although the pedophile theory seems quite secure in its own right , it does as well by being included for serving the tyranny motivations of government so Holder would support the pedophiles. The Anti-Gun-Rights theory, only covers motivation and maybe motivation covers the access to media-control resources, and the personnel to supply manpower for controlling the public via crisis support people of currently unknowable roles and powers. But we shall see what they did as we copy their strategy in our traditional manner of simulative thinking.. 'stimming'

The intuitive difficulty with a purely government operation comes primarily when/if we figure that the government would have to supply the killers: would we be as ready intuitively to look for government "employees" to serve as killers of children of our citizens, say from the CIA turning their anti-foreign populations skills inward. But in fact that's just precisely like what the POTUS is trying to do with drone-kill-capable control impositions in the hands of local police as servants of the DHS, aka Homeland 'Security'. Feel safer yet with government-only in charge? Clearly these anti-citizen thought-processes are fully in play INSIDE government bureaucratic heads, though the public may still be sleeping, or at least not fully awake to that extent of the horror. Except maybe for Senator Paul who boldly challenged Holder to answer Paul's constitutional challenge in his risky filibuster. In fact, however, Obama actually asked his secretly authorized anti-citizen future military forces at a signing whether they would 'fire on Americans while on American soil IF HE ORDERED IT UNDER HIS AUTHORITY' AS POTUS. Shocked yet, because we had our jaws on the floor, and not rolling and laughing. Can't people hear? Don't they think such a clear statement could be fully calculated by the speaker to test his control of willing implementers honored by inclusion at a signing giving them powers?

So we shall not be disposing of the anti-citizen hideous theory -- on its own self-sufficient abilities -- that the 'Justice' department and 'Health & Human Service' could supply the firepower with full confidence that they would not hesitate to take down children. In fact, market news shows that the government has ordered 'unusual' target models for their target practice ranges, not the usual threatening black sillouettes with bold circle bullseyes. No the latest include a pregnant woman image, a child with a gun, and an elderly old coot with a shotgun. And the federal government has bought hundreds of billions of rounds for their 'target practicing'. What else do these government employees do with taxpayer dollars, all of which are getting scarcer by the day. Maybe they have ideas on how to get blood from those taxpayer-turnips (as they say, not so unscarily, and with no pun intended, in these circumstances).

On the other hand, as police bullies have found out, the current social infrastructure with highspeed uncontrollable communications devices in all hands, large and small, there is a high risk of discovery and disruption of the plan (assuming the first responders do not include corrupted individuals able to suppress receipt of distress calls). It's not just a few security cameras and no firepower in the hands of victims that these practiced hitmen would have to work with and then escape, because setting up a patsy is going to be a complication that could make the unpredictableness of the myriad communication devices speed in summoning help be the flaw that turns an escape into a shootout. The ability to 'place' operatives into the school staff, the local law enforcement and control of the media would be a deciding factor in choice of plans.

On the other hand, it would be -- judging by our own observation of the difficulty in executing such an engineered massacre as this, even with practiced hitmen, especially in this current social infrastructure, with so many nearby responding resources to try to anticipate and with highspeed uncontrollable communications in all hands, large and small -- only total desperation that would launch a government tyrannical planner on that heinous route of a real bloodbath involving potentially hundreds. NOT WHEN THERE'S THE WITNESS PROTECTION THEORY option, as our next theory is going to be called in our explorations, wherein the children are 'kidnapped' temporarily (with full knowledge of their parents) so no one gets hurt (just in case something goes south) and all public contact is handled by trained actors.

Under the Witness Protection Option, the Justice Department only has to supply things that government is publicly known to be well practiced at:
    --- kidnapping using sedation technologies, likely not going into school on the 14th at all, more like an outing with protective medical staff for the 20 from the two classes, resulting in a couple scattered empty seats on the regular school buses among the other 400some students, and a handful of 'busy-ness' child actors with semi-closed classroom doors at the far end of the hallway near the offices..

    --- phony death certificates, funerals with closed caskets, and

    --- new phony birth certificates, possibly same last name but a year younger like being your own sibling, altered school records just for K-1 as having gone to another local school

    --- underadvertised resources for relocation jobs for the parents of the victims possibly doing unmonitored government jobs which would be a welcomed solid job future for the parents of the short-term 'victims'..

    --- with phony death certificates for participating staffers, phony birth certificates, revised job resumes, credit histories, and other identities, with explanations for them to provide to spouses and close family (if any) on 'possible' high-security clearance opportunities requiring silence for their family safety... government has plenty of experience in gaging silence-keeping factors (as we shall see next posting )... accounting for how close were the adult victims on a daily basis with their responding family members?

    --- plus new school opportunities for three years for the children (the ones being kidnapped and their younger siblings). Older siblings would be rather unacceptable risks so selection of candidate children based on their households would be advantageous and doable, e.g. after knowing family data on last year's kindergartners (so choose 1st graders for the class to be used). Just like it would be unadvisable to 'kidnap' older than k-1st age victims b/c older age children's speech is sometimes given credibility by the public in general

    --- with an option for dispersal instead to military base support government functions as a family option, since children's education could be tutored during a transition favored to convince the kidnapped victims that they are temporarily hospitalized with full access to parents in visiting roles.. and maybe tutoring by familiar teacher also in that facility's dedicated staff... extended daycare with hospital-style medicating for a few weeks?? .

    --- convincing indoctrination (masquerading as continuing education) of local authorities, both police and public services, by authority-drenched federal government resources, on the terrorist realities of lone-gunman horrors, frightening gun hazards, plus glorifying their public service potential roles in identifying and responding to such severe threats, plus ascertaining compliance and future complicity measurement (built into evaluations) for when they are confronted with their opportunity-to-serve to 'end crime' against small children and the harmless public, (exceptionally unrealistic idealism would serve the purpose, like the press released personnel information on 'the three' and Soto ) and their public service importance in convincing legislators and the public when presented with a strong taste of the possible reality, "without actually harming anyone" they would be promised...

Basically reams of paperwork, government employment, and intimidating indoctrination of local authorities with whom DHS and HHS have been working for over a year on a benificent project for the betterment of Sandy Hook, per the major grants, etc

Which would suggest that these potentially complicit kidnappers/staffers MAY NOW BE wondering just how not-dead and not-harmed are Adam and Nancy, so these staffers may be just cautiously silencing their own doubts.. agreed? Censorship of the emulated-'hospital' internet access would be expectable, and since those staffers would instantly have "lost" their own adequately trackable phones with mobile internet resources at the day's start, if any, the federal government may not worry about 2nd-doubts possibility since they'd figure, that the doubters would conclude that Adam and Nancy were as unharmed as the doubters themselves would be unharmed...

So there you have it, somehow it does have initially credible workable ideas that seem quite possible and maybe less harmful-to-the-government if something blows up, though they have solid control of mainstream media for any eventuality

How much more credible/risky would it be to make their favored friends in the mafia do the dirty work, for their mafia's own profit as long as they do it to appear to happen in the prescribed way of intended public thinking, timing of manipulations, etc, and that mafia branch can expect appropriate government 'gratitutde' and for government to fully and simply provide the background control for their mafia perpetrators' safe escape to profitable pedophile operation. What do you think..??

Although each of these theories does account for 'the children' and 'staff victims', each of them would be relegating Adam (and necessarily Nancy) to a 'handy patsy' role, with the idea that any inside-the-government controllers could data-mine in order to find a suitable patsy as simply as data-mining to locate
    a nearby household with gun licenses registered in the government's database as well as

    A MALE in the household who had been prescribed, whether taken or not, some autism or depression pharmaceuticals, OR might be claimed to have been simply b/c HE was listed in some database of autistics, mostly young males, possibly considered as potential class action participants in the government's ongoing efforts to silence anti-vaccine court cases. The government does have a database of mental health diagnoses, for one example for miners.

    Preferably divorce-involvement and fairly isolated, like in census data.

Data-mining potentials wouldn't be so unimaginable as being government-insider doable. Maybe even if the murderous planners were outside government, using online consulting staff (who had worked inside government) services bought since none of the searches is openly vile to someone talented but in need of money.. Otherwise a different school would have to be selected. How many small towns have received HHS and DHS favored attention like Sandy Hook? A lot.. but gun ownership and autistic sons are not such small databases, so candidates might not be too difficult to narrow down.

HOWEVER, there is a very interesting route to understanding the Sandy Hook massacre (to the extent that someone (two) was indeed killed, brutally) that STARTS with Adam and Nancy. And that route need not be so entirely focused on guns and drugs AS AURORA WAS. In fact in the efforts by those studying the police band radio recordings to unravel the entanglement of the pedophile's presence from Nancy's license plate search, another shocking (presumably police) voice got everyone's attention. The muffled voice was saying, pretty certainly, 'End the life of Adam'.

That portion was played and replayed, yet it produced only that fine idea that Adam was not yet dead about one hour after the arrival of the police.

More like the Aurora situation with an alive shooter like the substitute James Holmes, practically turning himself in as the shooter, is what the murderous planners wanted except that Adam had maybe been found drugged-unconscious, demolishing the lone-shooter plan, no chance that he was responsible...

Had there been some plan for Adam to be a confused, frightened withdrawn captured shooter who was physically not able to cope with the reality and simply be seen a crazy and hateful gun-toting threat *IF* HE HAD ONLY COME OUT FROM THE DRUG WHILE THE SHOOTING WAS IN PROGRESS? Had he ONLY NOW, an hour later, begun to come out from under the drug used to bring him onsite, limp but not bloodying the one hauling him, but much more deeply unconscious than expected BECAUSE THE USUAL DRUG DOSE WAS TOO MUCH FOR AN ASPI'S LOW CORTISOL...

Imagine the confusion in the shooters, who were supposed to leave fogged Adam to face the consequences, as he is just coming to. Nothing they could do to bring him to but shaking him, and more loud noisy sounds like breaking furniture. Losing time that was for retrieving the extra gun in the trunk. Meanwhile the police are showing up. Should the killers split and hope Adam will wake up or should they make an attempt to shoot him, but like a failed suicide, like a grazing wound, since he was supposed to survive to serve as a 'hostage' in the lengthy court processes during which his connection to corrupted financial characters would be exploitable.

Imagine any corrupted members of the police who were primed to work with media on a captured shooter, but now what they are finding is looking like a suicide since Adam was likely sprawled horribly and bloodied (if there was real carnage all around) and surrounded by several guns. Maybe no one noticed the absence of the expected long gun, except those in charge of media-disinformation. Wouldn't they be wondering where that gun had been dropped, somewhere around and just let the lying disinformation go out to media as planned hoping they'd find where it was dropped.

So Adam would be another James Holmes, ONLY THIS TIME BE THE REAL SON of the targeted financial insider -- not a curiously substituted 'son' in the attempt at mimicking James -- OF THE INTENDED FINANCIAL INSIDER TO BE HELD SILENT. Being the real son would presumably have some leverage, unlike the substitute-James, where the Aurora shooter lacked any real hold on the real James Holmes' financial insider father, other than some embarrassment.

So why would they substitute when having the real son would give them the leverage the killers wanted, presumably? Maybe the killers had made their move on taking control of James in the week before the killings but James had made a fatal attempt to escape his captive status in his own apartment. It was in the week before the Batman opening planned carnage, when the gun ordering was suddenly initiated. If they still held the real James then possibly kidnap-hostage leverage would still be useful, though risky for the psyop.

In any case, the real James in not the booked-James. In facial movement, smiling, grimacing etc, the backs of the ears and the lower eyelid do not flex in changing facial expressions. Hence the substitute, even if he mimicked James' happy engaged smile could not match James' neat pinned-back ear (visible on his left) nor the protective lower eyelids in the photo comparisons online. They are clearly not the same person, as seeable in the genuine pre-med student in one photo and in the substitute's photo after arraignment. Failed psyop. Was the plan for Adam to be done better for leverage?

And yes we are going to explore the ADAM AND NANCY THEORY in another posting, since it has a significant burden of heavy digging and connecting to make it credible, since some diggers have already fallen short on attempting this path. For now we shall call this the ADAM AND NANCY THEORY and acknowledge that we shall be digging into their, and our, financial realities. But for now, the idea is simply to designate that there's a crucial thread or three yet to be woven into any ultimate theory, maybe a multi-dimensional coat of many colors to be woven.

Well, before we begin to dig into the merits of one theory COMPARED TO another, against each and every bit of evidence and testimony on what we know of the REAL EVENTS, CONSEQUENCES, AND EVIDENCE, there are still a few more 'loose ends' not yet in our hands, in that list of 'evidence and testimony' to have in our weaving. Hence we shall work on those bits of evidence and testimony in our next posting to prepare for ultimate theory concluding.

Wrapping up on the staffer claiming falsely that there was a pre-visit plus an altercation
... for that staff member's conviction-attempt-motivated lying and all its implications on aiding the killers' escape, even likely knowing the killers, and/or possibly even having been one of the shooters, we would suggest that HE BE HELD IN JAIL or CUSTODY for possible CHARGING WITH COMPLICITY IN MURDERING 20 SMALL INNOCENTS AND ADAM AS WELL AS "THE OTHER THREE" THAT HE PRESUMABLY HAD THE ALTERCATION WITH. Fundamentally, based on his obvious complicity in the execution of the necessary planning of disinformation-spreading in order to complete the other shooters' escapes, at the very least, while all police, media and observers were being focused on Adam. with possible role as a shooter. Interpretation of his altercation will be examined in the context of each theory, in due time, after more characters, testimony and evidence, including looking for other possible insiders as accomplices.

[ I wonder just how many communities 'benefit' from government largesse because the government would benefit from community favoritism-to-government that isolates people with verifiable grievances against government FDA for authorizing a bad vaccine??? or against some other government malfeasant criminality] ttyl